Monday, December 9, 2013

A Vision of Socialism needed by Chris Hedges - A Strategic Concept of Socialist Revolution Needed says Democracy and Class Struggle

Democracy  and Class Struggle  agrees with the  importance of a vision of Socialism or what Harry Pollitt called the "gleam of Socialism**" it needs to return in 2014 to the British Isles.

This vision is articulated  by Chris Hedges for the United States but we need to do it better in Europe with a socialist vision as well. What is really missing is a strategic concept of Socialist Revolution not just its vision.

Democracy and Class Struggle is all about keeping that Socialist vision alive in British Isles and specifically in Wales, one of socialists early base areas in the 20th century.

Strategically we believe in Gramsci's War of Position which translates into Protracted People's War, but we do not have a  reductionist purely military interpretation of Protracted Peoples War like some comrades, but see firstly the necessity of developing the Mass Line to smash the ideological  hegemony of the bourgeoisie taking out the bourgeoisie ideologically ditch by ditch in trench warfare before the final assault.

This process of socialist revolution can take many decades and involves building the revolutionary forces within womb of capitalist society to ensure when the final assault comes it is well prepared for and not some revolutionary fast burn without the necessary preparation on both the ideological front and the military front.

Needless to say we reject completely a British Road to Socialism has we feel that is a major strategic error made by the working class movement in British Isles in the 20th Century.

 "British" an 18th century social construct gestated in Tudor and Stuart England has an ideological weapon of the bourgeoisie that has Empire and Monarchy at its heart.

The working class movement conceding ideologically to Britishness in the revolutionary ferment of the 1920's was a major own goal has we have written here :

Having the correct strategic concept is only the beginning of the battle, its tactical implementation of finding  the universal in the particular is the more difficult task at hand.

We also need the poetry, art and music of a socialist future now !

Democracy and Class Struggle



**The gleam of Socialism by Harry Pollitt

"The Communist Party will lead this struggle to its successful issue. Then, with the power in the hands of the workers, they will solve the problems of our social system that the rich can never solve.

"This is the dream and the aim which all the pioneers of our Labour movement have struggled to make real.
"This is the 'gleam' which they have tirelessly followed, which has inspired them to go to the street corners and market places to speak to a mere handful, has given them eloquence and burning fire to talk to their mates in the workshops and homes, and the certainty which has enabled them to endure crushing poverty and victimisation and made persecution easier to bear, which has steeled them to break down barrier after barrier and build up working class organisation and power."

Daily Worker, June 28th, 1960.)

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