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Let us Intensify People's War with the aim of defeating Operation Green Hunt - War on the People

Let us intensify People's War with the aim of
defeating "Operation GreenHunt" – War on People 

Call of Central Military Commission, CPI (Maoist) on the occasion of PLGA 11th anniversary

Beloved people!

By December 2, People's Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) would complete eleven years. On this occasion Central Military Commission (CMC) is giving a call to celebrate the 11th anniversary in all our guerilla zones and red resistance areas with the determination to defeat Operation Green Hunt (OGH) of the exploiting ruling classes. In the People's War ongoing for the liberation of toiling masses in India nearly 150 best daughters and sons of the soil and ordinary people have laid down their precious lives since December 2010 to September 2011. Let us pay revolutionary homage to all the brave fighters. Let us vow to fulfill their aims.

In the past one year, hundreds of local mass organizations, revolutionary people's government activists and people were arrested, booked under black laws and put in jails. To suppress the revolutionary cultural movement, death sentences were pronounced on four cultural activists of Jharkhand Abhen including Jeeten Marandi. It is necessary to build a strong people's movement to annul these death sentences. Particularly, as part of inflicting losses on our party leadership in the dog hunt of the enemy intelligence agencies on April 29, 2011 three Central Committee members and in July comrade Bhupeshda and many other leadership comrades and activists were arrested by the enemy. The enemy is making conspiracies to incarcerate them in jails permanently. CMC is giving a call to the people to build agitations everywhere for the release of these political prisoners.

In the operations conducted by our PLGA forces against fascist OGH all over the country, 150 mercenary policemen were wiped out, 180 were injured and seized 60 weapons all over the country successfully since December 2010 to October 2011. Moreover, in the continuous single actions conducted by the PLGA forces, 170 anti-people elements, were wiped out. Particularly, the role of people's militia forces is worth mentioning in this.

The central and state governments have announced that the second phase of the fascist OGH is ongoing. From mid-2009, as we all know, this unjust war (Green Hunt military offensive) unleashed by the Sonia-Manmohan Singh-Chidambaram clique against the people of this country is nothing but a war to let the comprador companies and MNCs to loot the mineral wealth in the adivasi areas. In order to brutally continue the `War on people' the government deployed a brigade level army force in the name of training in May end of this year. In fact, army officials have been guiding the counter-insurgency operations of the paramilitary forces since six years with the aim of wiping out the revolutionary movement which is proving to be a hurdle to corporate loot. The army on its own established counter-terrorism Jungle Warfare schools including the ones at Kanker of Chattisgarh and Ambicapur in North Chhattisgarh and is giving special training to police-paramilitary forces. Army higher officials have conducted Bastar tours several times. During the days when Salwa Judum was at the height of its cruelty, American consulate officials have visited the Jungle Warfare School in Kanker and had consultations with Raman Singh and police higher officials in Raipur. All these undoubtedly prove that all this is happening under the guidance of the US imperialists.

Attacks on people, murders, sexual atrocities on women, razing down houses, loot, destruction of harvest and looting of hens, pigs and goats have become commonplace in the fascist Green Hunt military offensive. The Chintalnar murders-atrocities-razing of houses-loot, the massacre conducted in Netai village (Lalgarh, PB) by the CPM with the help of central and state Joint Forces and the massacre by PLFI goons in Jamgai village (Gumla district, JH) are living examples for this. Ninety nine percent of the persons killed by the reactionary Salwa Judum, Sendra, Nagrik Suraksha Samity, Santi Sangams, government armed forces including several kinds of killer gangs in Bihar and Jharkhand are unarmed people. The armed guerillas dying in encounters and fake encounters will not be more than one percent. This hugely indicates that this is `War on the people'.

By portraying DK as a stronghold of Maoist guerillas, the Indian Army stepped in DK in the name of `training' by violating the laws banning land transfer, PESA act and the acts giving all powers to the Gram Sabhas. But the actual aim of the army is to chase the adivasis away from their ages old abode to wipe out the most ancient human community and their primitive culture and to nip in the bud the Janatana Sarkars being established by the adivasi people under the leadership of the Maoists. For this sake, the central government gave all powers to the army to implement the majority aspects in AFSPA and to do anything in the name of self-defence. Indian Army which is supposed to defend the borders of the country is now ready to wage war on its own people in the heart of the country. All adivasi communities all over the country must now agitate against the conspiracies of the Indian ruling classes to safeguard the interests of the imperialists and MNCs and to extend the atrocities and massacres carried on by the Indian Army and paramilitary forces on Kashmir and North-East national liberation struggles. People belonging to all classes and sections, democrats, patriots and mass organizations must stand firmly in their support.

Beloved people!

As a consequence of the distorted development of the imperialist LPG policies, the impact of the world economic crisis is severe on our country too. Increase in corruption, unemployment, price rise, poverty and displacement and due to loss of lands, forests and water, the living conditions of the oppressed working class, peasant and middle class people became unbearable and they do not have anywhere to turn except towards revolution. Material conditions are ripening for revolution. Strikes and agitations of all sections of people are increasing. Economic struggles are turning into political struggles. The political agitations of the backward adivasi peasantry are intensifying. Struggles like Lalgarh, Kalinganagar, Narayanapatna, anti-Posco, Niayamagiri, Mali, Deomali, Singareni, Open casts, Polavaram, Sompeta, Kakarapalli, Jaitapur and Greater Noida, struggle of people displaced due to urban development in Jharkhand, countrywide anti-SEZ struggles, price rises, anti-corruption struggles, struggles on peasant issues and the struggles of dalit and women indicate the political consciousness of the people. People are rallying militantly for the formation of separate Telangana state. The national liberation struggle of Kashmir is continuing to rage. In order to divert the militant struggles of the people, NGOs run with the guidance of imperialists and those under the leadership of persons like Anna Hazare are bringing forth struggle forms like hunger strikes in the name of non-violence. Fascist repression of the ruling classes is increasing on our Maoist party which is serving as the beacon light of the oppressed masses and also on working class, peasantry, middle class and oppressed masses. The economic and political crisis is intensifying every where and so vast masses must display revolutionary spirit and take up political agitations with the slogan that we will fight till our last breath. We must rally on a huge scale on daily issues and political issues. We must realize that it is not possible for the economic interests of the oppressed masses to be fulfilled without decisive political struggles and develop these agitations to a higher level by linking it with the slogan that "Political Power must be seized through People's War".

Call of the CMC:

Beloved workers, peasants, adivasis, toiling masses, women, students, youth and intellectuals! Thousands of people, particularly adivasi peasantry are rallying into struggles with the aim of defeating the `War on People' - OGH which was unleashed by the central and state governments. All classes and sections of the toiling people must integrate themselves with these struggles. Extend support to the! Rally actively to stop the brutal attacks of the mercenary police who are massacring hundreds of adivasis and looting their properties, dignity and everything dear to them like a pack of wolves attacking a flock of sheep, in the name of fighting terrorism. Maoists are not advocates of violence. In fact, they would be in the forefront among those who wish for peace. Do not believe a word of the vicious propaganda unleashed by the bourgeois media on Maoists! Stand firmly with the revolutionary movement! If we do not defeat this enemy offensive, if we do not defeat the conspiracy to wipe out the revolutionary movement, Maoist party, PLGA, alternate people's power organs and mass organizations, then all the valuable fruits won by the revolutionary movement would be destroyed. So, play your role in isolating and defeating the enemy! Join the PLGA in huge numbers, increase its force manifold and strengthen it! Integrate with the deluge of mass movements rising in several areas in our country with the slogans land-power-democracy-building of people's army and self-reliance! Join hands with them! Stand shoulder to shoulder with the armed resistance struggles of PLGA! There can be no fundamental change without completely destroying the exploiting classes. The reforms thrown by them as bread crumbs are useless and would only destroy the lives of the people further. Let us advance for an alternative new democratic society by declaring that reforms are part of the conspiracy to damage the unity of the people and fight them back! Come! Dare to fight and ultimate victory belongs to the people!

« Let us develop PLGA into PLA and guerilla warfare into mobile warfare with the aim of developing Dandakaranya and Bihar-Jharkhand into Liberated Areas!

« Let us oppose the deployment of army by the Indian ruling classes for wiping out Maoist revolutionary movement!

« Let us teach a lesson to the mercenary Indian Army which loots, repress and suppress the Indian toiling masses by intensifying our glorious People's War!

« Long live CPI (Maoist)!
With Revolutionary Greetings,
Member of Central Military Commission
CPI (Maoist)

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