Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Arab Risings and The Media

This video is produced by Al Jazeera which has its own agenda on the Arab Risings.

Hama Hammami of PCOT in Tunisia provides us with an analysis of Al Jazeera the voice of the Qatari elite.

“Qatar is playing a dangerous role under the umbrella of USA; it is a government that serves America’s agenda, and also has direct relations with Israel. Qatar’s intentions are not patriotic,” Hammami said.

Hammami also asserted that Qatar is attempting to guide moderate Islamic parties, which are popular in Qatar, toward the political choices of the USA.

“Qatar is conditioning popular Islamic parties to serve American and Western interests, and they are managing to achieve that end through the messages that Ennahda is sending to America and Western society. Ennahda is basically assuring the west that the relationship between Tunisia and the West will not change. I do not have concrete proof but this is my political analysis.”.

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