Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comrade Kiran denounces Prachanda in 12 page Central Committee Document

Democracy  and Class Struggle is publishing this report from the Himalayan for information purposes. We hope someone translates the full 12 page document into English so we can see in detail all the 40 plus charges brought against Prachanda by Comrade Kiran.

This document and the activities of Comrade Kiran are also a demonstration of the nature and character of the opposition to Prachanda and Bhattarai and may help us to better understand whether the Kiran/Badal opposition is genuine or if has some comrades have recently said that Comrade Kiran is merely the red fraction of the bourgeoisie within the UCPN Maoist.

Prachanda says the Maoist Party is dying and Kiran says it is being born anew in the struggle against revisionism, opportunism and liquidationism.

2012 will be a make or break year for the Maoist Movement in Nepal, we wish Nepalese Maoist comrades success in their difficult struggle.

Dare to struggle dare to win.


KATHMANDU: Unified CPN-Maoist Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidhya today presented a political document to counter Chairman  Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s aka Prachanda's paper on major issues of ideology and working style.

In his 12-page political document presented at party’s ongoing Central Committee meeting at party headquarters in Paris Danda, Baidhya has claimed that there was no possibility of concluding the peace and constitution-drafting processes as per the aspirations of the people.

Referring to Prachanda aka Dahal, Baidhya said the leadership never made any attempt for the preparation of ‘people’s revolt’. “He is the centre of all negative attitudes, problems and interests that have cropped up in the party,” said Baidhya, accusing Dahal of trying to divert major issues by writing baseless issues in his document.

On Dahal’s comment that the party was gradually dying, the senior vice-chairman, who is also one of Dahal’s teacher, has claimed that a new party was in the making within the Unified CPN-Maoist in the wake of serious deviation from the original party line.

Baidhya added that it would be difficult to establish harmony in the party if the leadership failed to take the path of transformation.

Baidhya said the political document of Dahal was inspired by ‘rightist opportunism’ which can never resolve the crises in the party.

“Dahal, despite the party’s decision to withdraw, has given up all the party stances regarding drafting of ‘a pro-people constitution’ and supported the cause of the capitalist agents. Therefore the significance of the Constituent Assembly is on the wane,” he said.

“Party leadership was reluctant to withdraw the cases of people’s war, tried to throw out peasants from the land they had occupied without any proper alternative and deprived workers of their rights,” accused Baidhya. “In such a condition, it’s not good to remain in the government.”

He claimed that all the party decisions made by the first meeting of CC after Palungtar plenum have been reversed. “The four-point deal, agreement to hand over keys of containers and seven-point agreement are some of the examples,” he said. Baidhya tried to convince that there was still the possibility of ‘people’s revolt’. “The revolution for new people’s democracy is still essential and possible, and if the party can make effective arrangement for preparations, there are strong bases for people’s revolt. People will be forced to take to the streets if the parties fail to draft a pro-people constitution.”

Baidhya also urged the leadership to properly manage financial discipline in the party and make all the transactions transparent.

Vice-chair’s charges

• Dahal centre of all evils

• Pro-people constitution impossible

• Leadership failed to

prepare groundwork for revolt

• Dahal’s document smacks of rightist


• Dahal’s paper cannot

resolve current crises

• Parliamentary quicksand drowning the party

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