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Wales: Tryweryn 50 years on - Have we really learnt the lessons ?

Tryweryn is one of those moments in history when things become clear and the mist lifts and reality dawns.

The overwhelming majority of the people of Wales were against the creation of this Tryweryn dam to supply water to England with the consequent flooding of the Afon Tryweryn valley.

Even the overwhelming majority of the usually servile Welsh MP’s did not want the project to go ahead, but the people of Wales were ignored, and they were reminded who controlled Wales and it clearly was not the Welsh.

In 1965, despite huge protests, the Welsh speaking village of Capel Celyn near Bala was drowned under the newly formed Tryweryn reservoir in order to provide a new water supply for Liverpool

Tryweryn have we really learnt the lessons - What have Plaid Cymru to commemorate  ?

Plaid Cymru is holding a rally to commemorate Tryweryn -  but what are they  commemorating  ?   Is there anything about Plaid Cymru's role at Tryweryn that should be celebrated ?

Wyn Thomas in his book "Hands off Wales"  writes concerning the appointment of Emrys Roberts  as Plaid Cymru Tryweryn Opposition Co-ordinator.

Emrys Roberts is quoted as saying 

 " There was a great deal of frustration and resentment by the Young Turks in the Party over Tryweryn....they intended to act and the Party had to do something to draw the sting"

So Plaid Cymru was to draw the sting of the opposition to Tryweryn and not make a sting  to defend Tryweryn .

John Jenkins writes 

Roberts was regarded as a man of great integrity: known and respected within the Party, included by those intent of undertaking action over Tryweryn... When people were informed that the great organiser had been appointed, they sat back and waited ...., but meanwhile, time was going on, the houses were being demolished and the people were being shifted away. By the time the people had opened their eyes to what was happening it was all over and done with.

In 2007 John Jenkins made his position on Plaid Cymru and Tryweryn clear :

Had Plaid Cymru announced at any stage prior to the valleys clearance that it had a task force which would literally fight anyone who attempted to forcibly remove the villagers and farm owners from their properties, then it would have stopped.

John Jenkins further adds had this stand resulted in open hostility, the moral outrage and uproar would have been deafening, As a result John Jenkins says nothing further would have been done.

So what are Plaid Cymru celebrating - drawing the sting and undermining direct action to save Tryweryn ?

Truth is revealed with the passage of time - yes it is time to learn the lesson of Tryweryn.

Source of Quotations  : Introduction to Hands Of Wales by Wyn Thomas

Oct 1958 Huw T. Edwards calls for direct action at Tryweryn.

1959 PC votes for direct action at Tryweryn and asks Emrys Roberts to organise a plan of action.

31 Jan 1959 Gwynfor Evans leads PC to reject direct action , a committee decision not of the Party

1959 Gwynfor comes up with new proposals re Tryweryn


1961 Elystan Morgan declares for PC to keep on about Tryweryn reduces them to being a pressure group.

Autumn 1961 Saunders Lewis tells Gwylim Tudur and Emyr Llywelyn to forget Tryweryn and focus on Coleg Studies.

1962 Year of Militant Action.

1963 CYIG SIT DOWN ON TREFECHACH BRIDGE BUT WHY WHEN TRYWERYN MORE FITTING? CYIG avoiding Action as re Investiture Rally at Cilmeri 10 days before Ceremony.

1964 Emyrs Roberts (he's a mate of Pedr and Cliff Bere) demoted from organising action  at Tryweryn.

All time Houses being demolished and work roads being built and mass action and occupations could have hindered greatly but no PC backed off -


1965 Waters damed and Dam opened - COMMEMORATE ANOTHER DEFEAT ?


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