Friday, June 14, 2013

Morocco : 48 hour Hunger Strike in Marrakech Prison in Solidarity with Turkish People

National Union of Students of Morocco Aziz Group - Basist Democratic Way MLM

 Local prison Boulmherez - Marrakech

48-hour hunger strike in solidarity with the Turkish people!

The regime leads a fierce and barbaric attack against the popular masses in Turkey. All means are used to silence these uprisings many and situations of repression, exploitation, marginalization oppression suffered the masses daily.

The masses forcefully demonstrated, once again, that "it is the masses that make history" and that "when the masses move everything trembles."

The masses have one goal: to advance on the path of victory, under the standard of  Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, they do not hesitate to give it to the best of their children  and fall as martyrs. And all this under the media blackout  reactionary propaganda.

                                                            Comrade Kaypakkaya

The attack of the masses, the sign of the accentuation of  the crisis in which are mired in which Turkish state institutions are lackeys of imperialism.

In this
context, in line with the will of the Turkish people and the the peoples who yearn for freedom by fighting for political freedom and  democracy  have made enormous sacrifices (martyrs, political prisoners, exiles ...), we have -

We political prisoners (Aziz Group Elbour) - decided to start a hunger strike of 48 hours from 14 June to 15 June 2013, in solidarity with the struggle of the Turkish people.

The names of the comrades on strike in solidarity:

* Ibrahim ENNAJMI - 21411* Hamid ELBAGHDADI - 21413* Abdelhak ETTALHAWI - 21863* Aziz Elbour - 21408* Hicham ELMASKINI - 21415* Hamid Zadou - 21404* Mohamed ELWAKASSI - 21401* Mohamed ELMOADEN - 21409* Boujmaa JAMOU - 21412* Mohamed AHRIK - 21407

Democracy and Class Struggle salutes Moroccan Comrades for leading the way in International solidarity with Turkish People in their hour of need and struggle.

We appeal to comrades in Turkey and around the world to publicise the hunger strike in Morocco now !

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