Sunday, June 16, 2013

German Television Reports Brutality of attack on protestors in Taksim Square plus protests in Ankara


The Taksim Solidarity Platform that represents the Gezi Park protesters has condemned the brutal police crackdown on the Taksim Square, adding that hundreds of people were injured and many had been detained. The platform also contradicted the officials’ statements that said that 44 people were injured, adding that Istanbul’s governor “had lost all credibility.” It also said that police showed a “warlike violence” during the attack.

“There are dozens of injured shot with rubber bullets or who couldn’t go to the hospital,” the platform said in a statement today adding that infirmaries set up at Divan hotel which stands at the Harbiye entrance of Gezi Park.

“The attack with rubber bullets, intense tear gas and stun grenades at a moment when there were a lot of women, kids and elderly people were at the park is a crime against humanity,” the statement


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