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Nepal: CP Gajurel "Gaurav" Our Party has taken the decision to play active role to forge international centre


Comrade CP Gajurel 'Gaurav'

Vice Chairman, CPN-Maoist
1. Comrade ! six months have already been passed since the Seventh Congress of the Party was held successfully. How do you understand about some questions being raised by some party cadres such as-the party could not speed up according to the spirit of the Congress?
C.Gaurav: The Seventh Congress of our glorious party, Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist has historic significance. We have reestablished and reorganized the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist after rebelling from the renegade and traitor neo-revisionist Prachanda-Baburam group. I think there are two reasons for the concern being raised by our cadres that the party was not being able to move speedily: one, the wound of being betrayed by the traitor Prachanda-Baburam group, who deceived by repeatedly preaching "revolution", has not been healed and the suspicion of whether the leadership will again repeat the same, is haunting them. Second, our cadres have high aspirations and they want revolution to be completed very soon. But the revolution does not move according to our subjective wish. The enemies of revolution are also working actively to smash it and everything does not move according to what we want. Eventually, the suspicions can be overcome and enthusiasm will prevail after the correctness of the line is proved in practice and victory is achieved in the class struggle.

2. Is it true that it has also happened due to vague political line, disorder in organization and confusion in policy, plan and programme?
C.Gaurav: I do not think that it is true. Our party line was basically the line which was endorsed by the National Convention held one year back. There were political trainings several times, interactions were held to the grassroot levels, there were debates and discussions during the National Convention, National Congress. Therefore, there is no room for line to be vague.

However, this is a complicated issue which is not easily understandable and thus I think that it should not be considered otherwise.

So far the issue of "disorder in organization, confusion in line and plan" is concerned; this tendency is rampant in present politics of Nepal. In other parties it is dominant and all other parties are either in constant state of split or they are converted barely in united front.

Since we are working on the same society, it is natural that we are not untouched with this problem. But it is true that we are less infected by this disease. Since our party is conscious and responsible to large extent, it is not in disorder and confusion.
3. Despite strong protest from the party, the puppet government of international reactionary powers being led by Khilraj Regmi has declared the date of election of second constituent assembly. How have you conceived this challenge? Is it not a declaration of war?
C.Gaurav: Yes, this puppet of foreign reactionaries and party less government led by Khilraj Regmi has declared the date of election the same day in which 33 parties alliance including our party, eight parties of other alliance and one other party requested to the government through the press conference " not to declare the date of election at any cost without a congenial atmosphere is prepared". It cannot be considered merely as a coincidence. It is only a part of a big design of big foreign powers. There is no doubt that it has been done in a planned way in order to push the Nepali society to the path of confrontation. It is a challenge for us no doubt. But it can be turned into a good opportunity to transform the Nepalese society provided we can face it properly. So, we have taken it both, opportunity and challenge.

4. How can we say that the movement in future will be more effective when the movements related to the united front and unity in action has not been so effective?
C.Gaurav: The activities of such movements are generally not so effective at the very beginning. It looks like a movement of party cadres at the beginning. It intensifies gradually and turns to be a mass movement. It can be clearly seen in the mass movements of Nepal in the past. It is simply true for all the mass movements of the world. So far the context of Nepal at the present moment is concerned; our party seemed to be alone at the beginning to conduct the mass movement. We forged a nine party alliance after that. Now it is 33-party alliance. In the general strike of the last 16 June 013, it was participation of 42-party alliance. Though it was not as effective as we desired, but it was definitely effective. Its effectiveness was realized even by our opponents and it has been established internationally. We should try to make it more effective in the future.

It is also a reality that this type of movement only cannot bring about the transformation of Nepalese society and accomplish the revolution. Resistance struggle is necessary for that. Both should be carried forward. Our party has adopted the policy of moving with two legs.
5. We do not find plan of rural class struggle especially peasant movement in your plan. In a condition when the urban movement has not been so effective, are you thinking to launch struggle in new way?
C.Gaurav: It has already been mentioned that only the urban mass movement cannot bring out huge revolutionary transformation. The significance of peasant movement is self-evident in our country which is still semi-feudal.

Taking into account of the character of the present movement, the rural class struggle has been manifested into resistance struggle. The remaining task of the revolution can be accomplished by coordinating these two struggles in proper way. We have not considered anything different from this.
6. The forthcoming movement is not only against Regmi government, it is basically a movement against U S imperialism and Indian expansionism. In such a situation, do you not think it necessary to create peoples' support at the international level? What policy the party has adopted regarding this?
C.Gaurav: This is an era of imperialism and proletarian revolution. Therefore, any revolutionary movement taking place in any country endures the interference of imperialism and expansionism and thus it is anti-imperialist and anti-expansionist movement side by side. The Regmi government is a puppet government forged by the foreign reactionaries to fulfill their interest not formed at its own strength and to fulfill the necessity of Nepal. Therefore, the anti-Regmi government movement is also anti-imperialist and anti-expansionist movement. It is quite necessary to forge international opinion in its support. We are quite conscious about it and are trying hard on it.

7. There was a decision of the Party Congress to forge anti-imperialist movement, what is the progress in this regard?
C.Gaurav: Imperialism is a world system and it is major obstacle for the revolution of any country. Lenin has said, "Imperialism is war". Imperialism is enemy of all oppressed people and oppressed countries of the world as well. Oppressed people and the nations cannot get independence without fighting against imperialism. Yes, it is true that the National Congress of our Party has taken decision to forge anti-imperialist united front. In this regard, our party has made two fold efforts: One, trying to form an anti-imperialist front under our own initiative. Two, working jointly with the anti-imperialist united front already formed by progressive and leftist forces. Significant work could not have been done in this regard. However, basis of unity is being achieved in a slow pace.

8. It seems that you are giving more emphasis to forge unity with the "communist" parties in the government rather than that with the parties waging peoples' war and those fighting against imperialist puppet governments. Does it not create problem in ideological polarization?

C.Gaurav: As a genuine communist party we will continue to carry on the struggle for communism. Most important task in this regard is to make revolution in one's own country. It is necessary to establish and develop relationship with different types of forces at different levels. Firstly, to establish fraternal relationship with genuine communist parties, the parties which uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, are sincere to this cause and strive to implement in the specific condition of their country. Secondly, friendly relationships with the parties, which uphold Marxism-Leninism, are anti-imperialist, basically leftist. Thirdly, diplomatic relationship with the progressive governments. Fourthly, temporary relationship with the governments in course of utilizing the contradictions among different types of governments. What relations we have mentioned above is on the basis of priority.

When making revolution is not the prime agenda of a communist party in the given country and the main task of the party is to propagate its line; in that situation to develop relation with the forces in first and second category would be enough. In that situation, major task of the party becomes to expose all wrong elements and wrong tendencies vigorously. In such situation the relation of third and fourth category is neither possible nor necessary. But, where the completion of revolution is at the immediate agenda, communist party is leading the revolution, the relations of all categories are necessary and possible. Today, the agenda of revolution in Nepal is immediate agenda of the party to be fulfilled. Therefore, it is necessary for us to pay attention on all types of relations. While establishing diplomatic relationship with governments, we should be very careful in not to spoil the fraternal and friendly relationship with communist parties and definitely we follow this policy resolutely. But it is a weakness to become hesitant to establish other relations. Also it is not correct to create suspicion in this regard.

9. At present, the people of Turkey are waging life and death struggle and justice loving people of the world and cadres are taking streets to express solidarity. Is it not necessary for us to come forward in support of the struggling people of Turkey and elsewhere?
C.Gaurav: Turkey is working as an outpost of US imperialism since many years ago. Turkish people are forbidden with all rights. Army is playing major role in all sectors. The struggle which is going on in Turkey against a kind of military rule is important. It deserves support from all justice loving people of the world. We strongly support the democratic movement of Turkey and all pro people and anti-imperialist movements at any part of the globe.

10. Is it not necessary for the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist which has led the Peoples' war and has a strong mass base, to take initiative in strengthening the 'Revolutionary Internationalist Movement' (RIM) by uniting RIM parties and new Maoist forces? Will you clarify, what are the problems-- ideology, organization or will power to give impetus to the RIM?
C.Gaurav: Our party is one of the founding parties of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM). We have been playing significant role in the development of RIM as a capacity of a member party or as a member of Committee of RIM, right from its formation. RIM has been playing important role in developing the International Communist Movement (ICM) without pause since the last 23 years. But, unfortunately the important centre of the Maoist forces of the world has become defunct and passive since last few years. There are major two reasons for this: Firstly, the main leadership, esp Prachand-Baburam turning to be traitors and renegades to spoil the revolution by taking neo-revisionist line in the then Communist Party of Nepal(Maoist) which was one of the major parties of the CORIM. Secondly, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA another major party of CORIM, trying to impose "New synthesis of Bob Avakian" as a guiding line of the RIM. First obstacle has been removed after we rebelled with the traitors and renegades and reorganized the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist. But the other problem still remains.

The other initiative of forming another centre of Maoist at the international level, International Conference of the Marxist-Leninist Parties(ICML), at the initiative of Communist Party of India (Maoist) and Communist Party of Philippines, has also become defunct and passive. In the given situation, it has become a major responsibility of all Maoist parties to move forward to forge a unified centre of Maoists by uniting genuine Maoist parties of the world. Our party has taken decision to play active role to forge the international centre. We have already started our initiative in this regard. It is very important but complicated task. It takes time to get substantive result.

11. What message do you like to convey to hosts of well-wishers and sympathisers of CPN-Maoist at home and abroad, who like to see the party to move enthusiastically and with vigour to fulfill the remaining task of revolution?

C. Gaurav: It is true that hosts of our sympathisers and well-wishers were disappointed and had become desperate when Prachnda-Baburam neo-revisionist group had betrayed the revolution. They are becoming enthusiastic and hopeful after we rebelled from the renegade group and reorganized our party, Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist. It is very positive development. At this moment we can say that we will remain firm to achieve the goal for which Maoist party was formed. We will move forward to achieve the remaining task of the revolution taking into consideration of the latest developments.

At present the struggle for change has been concentrated at the point of so called "election". We have put forward concrete demands of: withdrawal of "25 points announcement of removing difficulties", withdrawal of "11 point agreements", removal of Khilraj led party less government. All decisions from round table meeting of political parties. If the demands are not fulfilled there is no other option except to actively boycott the "election" and completely spoil it. We request all of our sympathisers and well-wishers at home and abroad to support party strongly in the coming days.

June 25, 2013

Source : Peoples Voice - Issue 2

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