Friday, June 14, 2013

Clément Méric, Comrade and Martyr for the Struggle from Partisan of The Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada

Fascist terror struck in the streets of Paris on Wednesday, June 5 when a gang of thugs probably associated with “les Jeunesses Nationalistes Révolutionnaires” ("Revolutionary Nationalist Youth”) beat to death an 18 year-old antifascist activist, Clément Méric.

The incident occurred near the Saint-Lazare train station while the victim was leaving a clothing store. As his comrades and friends said in a public statement, Clément Méric was the victim of “a context where the far-right violence has developed in the recent months” in France. He died of his injuries a few hours after being hospitalized.

The news of his death quickly spread throughout the country and abroad. Dozens of rallies were held across France to condemn the killing. In Montréal, a vigil in front of the French consulate was attended by about 30 people.

The French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, announced the arrest of seven people “belonging to far-right groups.” He added his government will do “everything possible to dissolve these groups, which have nothing to do with the Republic’s values.” However, Valls is well known for his continuous stigmatization of migrant communities. His “tough attitude” against Roma along with his demagogic campaign against wearing of religious symbols in public spaces helped to empower the far right.

In a statement published in the newspaper La Cause du Peuple, the Maoist “Futur Rouge” Communist Organisation correctly indicates the limits of a possible ban of these fascist groups:

“The death of Clément Méric is symptomatic of a period of increased activity and excitement from the vanguard of reaction. The wide and various range of fascist factions had indeed a tremendous time recently; they infested the streets and used the homophobic ‘demos for all’ to expand their audience and recruit new people with the complicity of the media. While prohibiting fascist groups may be a good thing, this won’t probably be effective. A real elimination of fascist groups would require a complete purge within the state apparatus. Because this is where fascism develops —at the very heart of the state apparatus.”

“For us, fascism is not an issue to be dealt with in prefectures, departments or municipalities offices, but only by an independent activity of mobilization and organization for defending our class. We must stand against the fascists as we have done so far in action and at the rank-and-file, and not by taking part in negotiations in the plush offices of the bourgeoisie.”

The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada) condemns the murder of Clément Méric and expresses its support for his relatives and comrades. Canada is obviously not immune to such attacks.

Across the country, fascist organizations are trying to mobilize white Canadians who are targeted by the crisis and turn their anger against migrant communities —especially the Muslims— and indigenous peoples.

In Québec, the PQ government is also dangerously spreading racist politics by opposing so-called “Québec values” to those of minorities.

The PCR-RCP calls all organizations of the working class and progressive and democratic organizations to unite and fight against those racist talks, the fascist vermin and the whole system that generates them.

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