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'A brief note about the current world and resistance forces.' by Saba Navalan

Neo liberalism and the international neo liberal order which is denoted as globalisation was imposed by the imperialist countries which is mainly  led by United States of America is going through a deep crisis.

The artificial dynamism of capitalism was created by those country’s elite have implemented  a financial mechanism which was based on the ‘financial capitalism’,  which is an elaborated form of  money capitalism, the term was introduced by Karl Marx.

Financial capitalism emerged with corporatisation of production.
The current crisis of capitalism is defunct of the financial capitalism which has started  during 70s. Financial capitalism is melting down from its base.

Therefore the neo-liberalism under US and the other European countries is in question; therefore globalisation is in crisis.
The upper fraction of the neo liberal capital class which has a firm institutional support from the financial system and the government is trying to find a new form of power configuration under its rule, in order to restore from the melt down.

Before considering whether it is possible to restore the neo liberal structure or form a new world order, it is certain that the future will be under the domination of the multinational corporates which is closely tied with the financial capitalism and financial institutions.
There are two prominent steps which has been  taken by the dominant imperialist countries since the crises started in 2008. Firstly to restore the financial capitalism up to certain extent and secondly to re-localise certain productions which do not affect the financial mechanism.

The corporate economists denote this process as new world order.
During past 40 years several multinational corporates gradually moved their financial activities to the countries where they can escape the tax in many ways.  They 1st moved the production towards the 3rd world countries which allowed them to create the wage competition in labour market.  The labour wage competition enabled the multinationals corporates to oppress the working class.

Now the  lake of production in the imperialist countries required an artificial dynamism of capital where the financial institutions emerged at the top of the power hierarchy.

The financial mechanism allowed them to create jobs in a non-productive environment.  Money has pumped into the system by the multinational corporates in order to stabilise the financial mechanism.
The multinational’s untaxed money generated the tax from its workers in order to maintain the welfare state.
The above financial capitalism, neo-liberal order, artificial dynamism is in question. They cannot function on its own sense anymore.

Therefore the imperialism needs a so called new world order.
The imperialist countries are in the process of re storing the financial activities of multinational corporates to the first world countries; primarily the financial activities and partially the productions.

This process will allow multi nationals to stabilise the financial mechanism for an extended period at the mean time allow them to generate a controlled financial system within the imperialist countries.  

The basic concept of capital mode of production is ‘maximising  the profit’. When the multinational move their financial activities to imperialist countries they have to pay more tax as the tax system is organised at its highest form.

In order for this process to be successful, the governments of the imperialist countries have to DE-regularise the tax system, so that multi nationals can minimise their tax payments.
Recent examples revealed how the system is re-organised in favour of multinational companies. Starbucks, for example, had sales of £400m in the UK last year, but paid no corporation tax. It transferred some money to a Dutch sister company in royalty payments, bought coffee beans from Switzerland and paid high interest rates to borrow from other parts of the business.

Amazon, which had sales in the UK of £3.35bn in 2011, only reported a "tax expense" of £1.8m. And Google's UK unit paid just £6m to the Treasury in 2011 on UK turnover of £395m.
One of the 1st step the governments of the imperialist countries has taken in this regard is to impose the rigid tax regulation to control the small and medium enterprises and relax it for multinationals.
As a result of this several small and medium companies are criminalised during recent years and closure of these companies doubled in Europe and US.
The closed small businesses have been replaced by multinationals at same time medium businesses are paying higher tax and their profit is minimised.
This process enabled the government to minimise the tax towards the multinationals and bring their financial activities back to imperialist countries.
The governments also took the second measure to eliminate the multinational’s tax by eliminating the concept of welfare states with their so called austerity measures.  Unemployment benefit, pension schemes, child allowance and the other welfare projects are being gradually destroyed, despite the  increase of household’s income tax.
Both of the above measures’ have shaken the imperialist countries. Lower fraction of middle class and the working class are highly affected by this restoring process.
During this process they also created a section of working class which is ready to accept the low wages. They managed to minimise the wages of certain sectors such as information technology and some particular production. 

However they still maintain the international labour market to keep the wage competition alive. They also maintain unemployed workers at the international level  which is called as international reserve army in the labour market.
The capitalist masters could not resolve the problem but temporarily managed to shift the issues into another side in the name of new world order.
In the whole process the working class and the lower fraction of middle class are highly affected. As they are majority, the most part of the western world is shaken.

The public is protesting throughout the world.

A considerable amount of public is beginning to understand that the development which the governments talked about is nothing to do with their life.

They are starting to realise that the austerity measures that the governments and corporate economists discuss about is not for their own countries benefit but for the multi-national and its financial institutions.
However the vast majority including activists still did not understand the underlying restoration process.

Therefore the emotional resistance forces rejecting the working class leadership becomes general phenomena.
In this current  trend of the whole world, the state power has to however handle the resistance  which is constantly emerging throughout the world. This is a necessary condition  in order to peacefully execute the process of restoration.
They employ various technics in order to handle and destroy the resistance forces. The common approach as follows:
a.       The imperialist countries and the intelligence identifies the public opinion in their counties and the other part of the world.
b.      Put in place the NGOs and the other western funded organisations through which they try to dismantle  emergence of any revolutionary forces.
c.      Convert the revolutionary consciousness in to some kind of up-politics mass protest.
d.      Get the imperialists funded revolutionary business organisations such as OTPOR to lead the struggle.
e.      Create sudden protests and uprisings such as Occupy Wall Streets and other Arabic uprisings.
f.       Replace the personals in the state in order to bring down the uprisings and temporarily satisfy the public.
The workers and the middle class will find soon their  effort and sacrifice is waste.

The public which failed with the massive uprising will be frustrated and will take a long period to involve  in the politics again.
The above thoughts are brief image of the current world. Mainly the western system.
Now, the left forces and one has the public consciousness should start thinking about how to handle the situation.

We have to be clear whether we are going to change the current society or reform it within its current structure.
Without determining the following concepts, the left forces cannot move one step further.
-          What is the current power configuration in various  part of the world
-          How to organise the mass and give the organisational power to it.
-          How to overcome the challenges against the imperial components such as NGOs and fake revolutionary movements.
-          How to form a party facing the current fascist and anti-social regimes.
There is no second thought that we have to support and express our solidarity with all the uprisings and resistance forces throughout the world.

However the support and solidarity is not going to help to change the society without addressing any of those above issues which  are basic and initial measures,  any progressive, democratic and revolutionary forces have to take.

If we expect any changes with the current up-rising without addressing these initial issues, we will end up with frustrating disappointment.

We should understand the inexistence of the revolutionary movements throughout the world, and the obstacle to form it.
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