Sunday, January 13, 2013

Communist Organisation of Greece (KOE) Message to the 7th National Congress of the Communist Party of Nepal - Maoist

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Leading Committee of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), we are extending greetings to your 7th Congress. Today, amidst a deep and catastrophic systemic crisis, the efforts of the communists all over the world to serve in the best possible way the interests of their peoples acquire particular importance. We salute all the efforts in this direction, every step taken by the communists worldwide in order to develop a line that responds to the new conditions, and thus opens up new paths towards the liberation and emancipation of the popular masses. In this sense, we express our sincere wish that your 7th Congress shall contribute in overcoming the great difficulties faced recently by the revolutionary, communist, democratic and popular movement of Nepal, which led the first revolutionary experience of the 21st century and inspired broad sectors of the progressive masses and movements on an international scale. We are confident that, based on your rich experience, both positive and negative, you will spare no efforts in order to adopt an orientation that will benefit the big majority of the Nepalese people.

Dear Comrades,

In Greece, our people face an unprecedented attack orchestrated by the international financial capital and the IMF-EU-ECB troika. This attack undermines the last remnants of democracy and sovereignty, creates a severe humanitarian crisis already affecting the majority of our people, and pushes our country and our society backwards, to the harsh conditions experienced by past generations many decades ago. The last three years, Greece became an international guinea pig, a subject of a modern-type neo-colonization, a country where the people, from the youth to the pensioners, are suffering a torturing process of slow but constant extermination. And this situation is all but limited in Greece: the whole European “south” suffers under the extreme neoliberal policies of destructuring the so called “welfare state”, in a fast-track process of suffocating attachment to the chariot of German imperialism.

At the same time, under these circumstances, the conditions have been created for a rupture with the policies of neoliberalism, of the European Union and of the IMF. The last three years, the Greek people give great examples of struggles and mass mobilization. These are struggles for a life in dignity, against the social catastrophe, in defense of the popular and national sovereignty, aiming at overthrowing of the rotten bourgeois political system that has surrendered the administration of Greece to the IMF-EU-ECB troika. In fact, the old and corrupt political system, tightly connected with and dependent by the financial and Media establishment, implements a policy dictated by the imperialist and financial centers that not only provokes a humanitarian crisis, but also threats the sovereign rights and even the territorial integrity of our country.

In a few words, today the Greek people experiences in a very dramatic way the global economic crisis and the aggressive response of imperialism and capitalism to this crisis; a response that blasts all hitherto popular conquests and imposes the neo-colonization of entire countries and regions of the world. The Greek people resorted to struggle inspired by in his own revolutionary tradition, but also by the popular revolts in a series of Arab countries and by the “Indignados” movement of the squares in the Spanish state and elsewhere. Consequently, today our people are much closer to all other peoples struggling for national independence and social emancipation all over the world. And in this way, even if a large part of the popular masses of Greece is unaware of that, they are objectively closer to the struggle of the Nepalese people as well.

The Communist Organization of Greece, active in the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA), spares no effort for the development and deepening of the struggles as well as for the strengthening of a broad popular and democratic political current of change that shall sweep away the old system and offer a way out on political, economic and social level. In this effort, we need and we appreciate the mutual solidarity with the revolutionary, communist and democratic forces, and we will do our best in order to further develop it.
Dear Comrades,

In conclusion, we sincerely wish you again a fruitful and successful outcome of the 7th Congress. We are eager to be informed about your resolutions and the line that you will adopt, and we do hope that our roads will meet again really soon, in the common struggle for Genuine Democracy, National Independence and Social Emancipation!

Athens, 9 January 2013
Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)
International Relations Department

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