Saturday, November 8, 2008

Prachanda sees threat to peace process from 'status quoists'

Prime Minister Prachanda said Saturday that political quarters that want to maintain status quo are trying to pose hurdles in the peace process as well as the constitution-making procedure.

Though he didn't point out at any party as 'status-quoist', Prachanda was hinting at the main opposition Nepali Congress that has voiced fundamental differences with the Maoist-led government over the handling of the peace process, especially the composition of the special committee formed to oversee the army integration.

Addressing a function in the capital, PM Prachanda said the government is determined to overcome the status-quoist and 'anti-change' forces and write new constitution on time and bring the peace process to a conclusion.

He also added that the Maoist-UML coordination committee would be a great help in ensruing the smooth functioning of the coalition government

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