Friday, November 21, 2008

1,000 senior Maoist cadre from are taking part in the five-day assembly on Democracy and Socialism in Nepal

Around 1,000 senior Maoist cadre from across Nepal are taking part in the five-day assembly.

"We will hold vigorous discussions on this topic and we will reach a scientific conclusion that will chart a new course for Nepal and the party," said Maoist leader Sudan Kirati.

Party central committee member Dinanath Sharma said the assembly was looking for a style of government that specifically suited Nepal.

"The new system may not be a Westminster parliamentary system, an American-style presidential system or a traditional communist system," said Sharma.

"We plan to develop a new Nepali system," the senior Maoist said.
Despite the disagreements, any significant split in the party is unlikely, according to Nepal's Maoist peace and reconstruction minister Janardan Sharma.

"There are issues that will be decided by the national cadre meeting. Anyone expecting the party to split can dream on. It's not going to happen,"

Sharma told the English language weekly Nepali Times.

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