Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maoist policy helping rightists, says Khanal

The Maoist policy of pursuing People’s Republic is only helping the right wingers, according to general secretary of ruling coalition partner Unified Marxist Leninist

He accused the Maoists of diverting the attention from constitution-making by raising issues of people’s republic.

“The Maoists are advocating people’s republic by forgetting the achievements made by people’s revolution. It will only help rightists,” he said, speaking in Pokhara, Wednesday.

“We are trying to consolidate democratic republic while the Maoists are rooting for people’s republic,” he said.

Khanal added that the Maoists were committing grave mistake by terming Nepali Congress (NC) as their enemy following the abolition of monarchy.

He said NC, too, is a friendly transformational force.

His comments have come even as the Maoists have decided to adopt “People’s Federal Democratic National Republic” as their main policy.

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Anonymous said...

Who is getting it right UML or CPN Maoist?

The new strategy of CPN Maoist for a Peoples Democracy puts Socialism back on the agenda and the negative comments of Khanal are confirmation that the new strategy is correct.

If he welcomed it CPN Maoist would be in trouble - but his criticism validates the new strategy for me.