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3 November 2008

Open letter to individuals, groups, organizations, parties who struggle against imperialism, for defending the rights of the people masses and for the new birth of the communist movement

Dear comrades,

On 5th November in Ancona ( Italy ) it will be held the preliminary hearing for the Tenth Judiciary Proceeding the Italian Authorities framed up against the “caravan” of the (new) Italian Communist Party.

The public prosecutor Marco Pucilli of Ancona leads the inquiry. Comrades of the Party of the Committees to Support Resistance -for Communism (P- CARC) and of the Association for Proletarian Solidarity (ASP) are charged with “slandering the Public Prosecutor Paolo Giovagnoli”, because they called him with his true name, the “new Torquemada”.

The judiciary proceeding the Public Prosecutor Marco Pucilli frames up goes with the appeal to the Supreme Court the judge Giovagnoli did against the “non – suit” judgement of the Judge for the Preliminary Hearings Rita Zaccariello on 1st July. Also the General Attorney of Bologna did an appeal as regards the matter, and this is a deed absolutely exceptional and extraordinary.

This attack brings into question all Communists’ freedom of political activity. It is an attack to the entire communist movement of our country, to all opponents, to all the people who rebels and struggles against the Berlusconi’s gang, the Vatican and US imperialists for defending the rights of people’s masses, for conquering other ones and breaking up once and for all the capitalist system and building a world led by workers.

Communists’ persecution is the core of the struggle between people’s masses and imperialist bourgeoisie: only the Communists who act as true Communists are able to direct the working class and the other people’s masses in the struggle for breaking up the present state of things and establishing socialism, that is the only other possible world.

The persecution of Communists in Italy , and particularly the persecution against the caravan of the (new)PCI, is an operation aimed to prevent the people's masses from defending themselves facing the attack the imperialist bourgeoisie moves against their rights, their conquests and also their elementary vital needs, the more the present crisis goes on. It is an operation aimed to transform this defence in attack, in struggle for making the revolution in an imperialist country.

The imperialist bourgeoisie does not let to the people's masses either the right to defend themselves. What happened at Rome some days ago testifies it. For many weeks in Italy a movement for defending the State education, involving millions of people, is going on. At Rome , in Navona Square , people were demonstrating for defending State education. The police let enter a camion of fascists, armed with beats and bars, and let them go wild against the protesters. It intervened only when the protesters organized themselves and counter-attacked. So it is for decades against the caravan of the (n)PCI, because for decades it has worked for organizing people's masses starting from the defence of their interests, for making Italy a new socialist country.

An international answer to this repressive attack is important, because it means to defend the rights the Resistance against Nazi fascism conquered, and these conquests belong also to the international communist movement, because their importance goes beyond Italian borders.

An international answer to this umpteenth attack is even more of a defence of our patrimony. It is a sign of the new birth of the world communist movement.

We call you:

·for taking a public stand and making take a public stand against Communists' persecution,

·for signing and making sign the call “No to Communists' persecution”

·for sending and making send the fax to the Judge for Preliminary Hearing Paola Murreddu of Ancona (Republic Attorney of Ancona Tribunal, fax 0039 (0) , e-mail procura.ancona@ giustizia. it)

·for sending messages to adhere to the demonstration our Party and the Association for Proletarian Solidarity are organizing on 5th November, in front of the Ancona Tribunal.

We also call you for sending messages to adhere to the demonstration we shall hold at Rome in front of the Supreme Court of Appeal, in solidarity with the antifascists who on 11th March 2006 at Milan opposed a Nazi - fascist parade, who on that day are on trial, and against the appeal to the Supreme Court did by Giovagnoli and the General Attorney of Bologna.

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