Sunday, April 21, 2013

There are increasing reports that at next month's US-South Korean summit the conservative government of Park Geun-Hye will demand permission to enrich uranium, or perhaps even for nuclear weapons.

Wisdom not in the Blue House or the White House but on the streets of Seoul

Many South Koreans believe that increasing nuclear proliferation won't boost their security or help achieve the reunification of Korea that the North and South overwhelmingly supports

Japan can easily make nuclear weapons give the current stage of its nuclear programme which is more advanced than Iran, South Korea has been demanding nuclear weapons for some time.

There are already 1000's of nuclear weapons in South Korea under the control and command of the USA

The official South Korean Military command and control does not lie with the South Korean Government but the United States, so whatever agreement happens US is in command.

Has the video points out an historic opportunity was missed when North Korea ended its nuclear programme in 1990's  to normalise relations with USA.

United States equivocation under Clinton and hostility under Bush closed down that opportunity and  Obama's Asian  Pivot policy is bringing North East Asia rapidly into  potential nuclear war.

Nuclear Weapons for Japan is a red line that if crossed will provoke not only China but North and South Korea.

Wise counsels are called for - the Asian Pivot is the most disasterous ill thought out strategy from a United States Government that has not been noted for its wisdom.

The United States is going out of the Middle East frying pan into the Nuclear Fire of North East Asia..

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