The editor, Deng Yuwen, told the South Korean paper Chosun Ilbo that the Foreign Ministry had called the Communist Party’s Central Party School in Beijing to complain about his article in the British paper.

The current US Strategy of Tension is not only with North Korea but also with China expect more Chinese capitalist liberals to be exposed like Deng Yuwen has serving US rather than Chinese national interests.

Three senior United States officials have come to Beijing in the past two weeks to request enforcement of the United Nations sanctions and to ask that China stop doing business with the North Korean Trade Bank.

The US strategy of tension is in full flow.

Whether Xi Jinping wants or not US actions are forcing the Chinese Government to develop a new strategic line vis a vis the US.

China had an historic opportunity in 2008 with the world capitalist crisis to change strategic direction but failed to do so .

US overt and covert intervention on its borders is finally making China wake up and act in self defence, it may ultimately be Chinese nationalism that is awakened rather than a dormant socialism but the strategy of tension against China and North Korea orchestrated by the United States will have unintended consequences.

The contradictions in China are sharpening more quickly than we anticipated and we regard the suspension of Deng Yuwen has a small good sign for the future of China.

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