Thursday, April 11, 2013

David Asher "we must imperil North Korea" We were trying to kill the chicken to scare the monkeys.

Dr. David Asher is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at Centre for New American Security .Asher also served the coordinator of North Korea Activities Group at State Department from 2001 to 2005

US hostile actions and the US using the Security Council to support hostile actions, it needs to develop its nuclear defense capability.

US blacklisting of the Banco Delta Asia was the Godfather of the North Korea's determination to develop its nuclear capability.

The imposition of such US financial sanctions against North Korea preceded the first nuclear test undertaken by it.

See Ronda Hauben's blog:

"Banco Delta was a symbolic target.

“Banco Delta was a symbolic target. We were trying to kill the chicken to scare the monkeys. And the monkeys were big Chinese banks doing business in North Korea...and we’re not talking about tens of millions, we’re talking hundreds of millions.” David Asher, oral testimony, April 18, 2007

Prior to the imposition of these financial sanctions against North Korea by the US, North Korea had not tested any nuclear device.

And it was only after North Korea carried out a nuclear test that the US State Department became willing to negotiate about ending these financial sanctions.

The US financial sanctions against North Korea were one of the significant factors which North Korea cites which convinced them of the need for a nuclear weapon as a defense against such US hostility."

"Under the Patriot Act Section 311 provision used to justify the blacklisting of the Banco Delta Asia bank, a bank in Macao, China, the US government had no obligation to present evidence to back up its claims.

But in documents submitted to the US government, Stanley Au, the chief stockholder of the Banco Delta Asia, effectively demonstrated that the claims presented by the US government against his bank were fallacious.

The example of the US blacklisting of Banco Delta Asia demonstrates that the use of financial sanctions by nuclear powers like the US against small nations like the DPRK will not stop nuclear proliferation.

Instead, it will serve to convince small nations that they need a means to protect themselves against abuse by powerful countries like the US and UN Security Council actions supporting such abuse. It will also hasten efforts by other nations to create an alternative architecture to the current US dominance of the international financial and banking systems."

This "demonstrates the need for a vibrant watchdog media and for netizens who will monitor what is being done by the Security Council.

It is important to have a netizen media that will probe what is behind the actions taken by the Security Council and what the real effects of such actions are on the peoples and nations that such sanctions target."

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Take time study David Asher's list of recommendations in his Congressional Testimony to understand the covert has well as overt war being conducted against North Korea.

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