Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stop Caste Discrimination in UK - Support April 16th Demonstration - 12.00-15.00pm Parliament Square,London

In 2010 after various Debates in both House of Parliament, all three major Parliamentary Parties agreed the inclusion of Section 9(5)a in the Equality Act 2010. This provision provides for Caste to be treated as an aspect of Race if independent evidence of Caste-based Discrimination comes to light.

In 2010 a report by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (commissioned by Government) confirmed without a doubt that there is strong evidence of Caste-based Discrimination in the UK and in the areas covered by the Equality Act.

Instead of providing legal protection for victims, Government announced on 1 March 2013 that it has commissioned Talk For A Change (TFAC) to come up with an educational approach to deal with the problem.

It has given TFAC £20,000 to do this! This is a serious error of judgement by the Government.
On 4th March 2013, an Amendment Clause to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (ERR) Bill making Caste an aspect of race in the Equality Act, was agreed in the Lords with a majority of 103 votes.

This sent a strong and unequivocal message that discrimination on the grounds of Caste has no place in the UK.

We understand the Government will seek to reverse this decision when the Amendments to the ERR Bill are discussed in the Commons on 16 April 2013. Join us outside Parliament on 16 April from 12pm to 3pm and show your support to make Caste-based Discrimination illegal in the UK.

In unity we can show the Government that it has a moral duty to protect all its citizens in the UK against all forms of discrimination. There is no place for Caste-based Discrimination in the UK. It can no longer be tolerated and must be outlawed.

Supported by:
Anti Caste Discrimination Alliance
Bhagwan Valmik Sabhas across UK
Dalit Christian Organisations in UK
Indian Workers Association - GB
Indian Scheduled Caste Welfare Assoc.
Kanshi Tv
Guru Ravidass Sabhas in UK
Dr Ambedkarite Organisations in UK
Asian Rationalist Society
Buddhist Organisations in UK
No 2 Displacement Campaign


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