According to certain “founders” of the group who I have communicated with in the past and active Anons the group is not political and does not “do politics”, yet what we have seen is something to the contrary. Due to its very nature and the fact that the organization, if we can call it that, has no hierarchy, it is impossible to ascertain if the attacks on North Korean sites and the demand for an end to nuclear threats and even the removal of power of the North Korean leader are supported by the group or not.

 Since Anonymous is so loosely knit and has almost no concrete rules or agenda it is not easy to determine if group has been infiltrated, which I would say is a given, and is in fact being used as a cover by the U.S. in launching cyber warfare operations against target countries.

 With the entire US war apparatus bearing down on small almost defenseless countries that the increasingly aggressive and dangerous U.S. Government deems to be “evil” for whatever reasons suits them at the moment, to see the once noble Anonymous collective increasingly being seemingly manipulated into advancing U.S. aggressive military objectives is a sad thing indeed.

 In my dealings with Anonymous, I have met and communicated with individuals with high ideals and noble goals as well as sadistic cyber criminals who prey on the weak and terrorize whoever they wish and even Russophobic lunatics and understand that due to their nature Anonymous might be seen as all inclusive.

 The very nature of Anon Operations makes it another area where Western Intelligence Operatives and Cyber War Specialists can manipulate and use the Anonymous brand for their own nefarious ends and to give credibility to their own questionable and illegal operations.

 When Anonymous launches an operation it might be called for through one of the many “forums” and methods they use to communicate. One Anon may call for a massive attack on me, for example, something which I was promised once by an individual who claimed to be an Anon leader and never materialized, and others may join in en-masse. Who is calling for an attack is usually someone with certain credentials in the organization and may be known to other members or not. Since the organization jealously guards and maintains their anonymity even for Anons it hard to determine who is exactly behind a call for an attack.

 In South Korea there is a South Korean Anonymous group, which calls itself Anonymous Korea in certain instances and which claims to have taken down or attacked five North Korean official web-sites including the main North Korean web portal, the site of the North Korean Foreign Relations Committee, the site of the North Korean Committee for Cultural Relations and also that of the state-owned airline Air Korea.

 North Korea’s leadership has shown tremendous restraint and the North Korean people are suffering enough with over 300,000 hostile troops amassed near their borders carrying out military exercises and an array of U.S. military hardware capable of launching nuclear strikes amassed off their borders, that once again it is sad to see Anonymous attacking the country as well.

 The fact that Anon Korea has made what they claim are 15,000 passwords available to the public and blamed innocent victims for being stupid in creating weak passwords leaves me with little sympathy for the group, although I have written well of them in the past and have applauded some of their exploits. In reality attacking North Korea is akin to telling a child to shut up who has been beaten to a pulp by a group of schoolyard bullies or screaming at a woman who is being gang raped to be quiet.
 Anonymous, if in fact this was an Anonymous operation, needs to stay out of military operations and international conflicts or study who the true geo-political aggressors are if they wish to continue to enjoy the support and the respect of the world’s populace.

 Maybe North Korea should not make such bellicose statements and maybe their leader should step down in the eyes of some, as I am sure there are those who would say the U.S. leader needs to step aside so Americans can breathe free, but attacking their web infrastructure serves no one except the imperialist aggressors.

 It is interesting and must be noted that all North Korean sites are back up and the site that was taken down,, has as its most prominent link, the neo-conservative “Project for a New American Century” blueprint for global American domination, a doctrine that has been in use since 9-11 and a plan which required 9-11 as a catalyst.

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