Thursday, February 17, 2011

US Imperialism and Poverty in Kenya - Long Live the Afrikan Revolution

According to a report (Pulling Apart: Facts and Figures on Inequality in Kenya) by the Nairobi-based Society for International Development (SID), Kenya is the 10th most unequal country in the world in terms of wealth disparities. Of Africa’s 54 states, it is the fifth most unequal

The 2004 report, using UN Development Program figures, states that Kenya’s richest earn 56 times more than its poorest: the top 10 percent of the population controls 42% of the country’s wealth, while the bottom 10% own 0.76%.

Inequality pervades every aspect of Kenyans’ lives, according to the report, citing enormous disparities - both in the capital and at national level - in almost every sphere of life: income; access to education, water and health; life expectancy; and prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

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