Saturday, February 26, 2011

Appeal to some Leftist comrades supporting Gaddafy by Dyab Abou Jahjah

I will always hold high regard of Chavez and Castro but they are making a huge and fatal mistake and so are you. You know me for years, and you know how anti-imperialist I am, at least trust us, trust our people.

The revolt in Libya is popular and not ran by the filthy opposition that we know are there and are stooges of Empire. Our people in Libya are revolting, Arab nationalists, Islamists, Socialists but above all regular Lybians are revolting, this is not a velvet revolution the level of sacrifice is huge, you are insulting the blood of thousands of martyrs by standing behind the butcher.... This is is heartbreaking...

What happens in Libya is a direct result of Tunisia and Egypt, Lybia is squeezed by a genuine Arab revolutionary fever... It might even happen in Syria and we will support it too despite all the positive aspects of the regime there, because if it is massive and genuine, it is good, and liberating. Empire will always try to turn any event to its favor, but the people won't allow that to happen! and remember Gaddafy is for years now a stooge of Empire. The Americans want to move in because they are afraid for the oil and for a possible Alqaeda new safe haven. Gaddafy is inviting them in by talking all the time about that Al Qaeda is behind the revolt, a total absurd claim. This revolt is genuine and popular, and this man is a butcher and he is crazy. Sure he payed some Sam rockets for the IRA in his far forsaken revolutionary past, and that is great, but would that make you blind to his pro imperialist make-over the last decade? or to the fact that his son is even close to the Zionists or at least to the fact that he is butchering his people....

Dear friends, trust our people and its revolutionary instinct. the Arab street don't get things wrong , it is always anti-imperialist, and the Arab street is standing as one man, behind the revolution.

Power to the Libyian people,

Long Live the Pan-Arab revolution

Democracy and Class Struggle endorses this call by Dyab Abou Jahjah even if we have some differences with him about Political Islam - he is comrade in the Anti- Imperialist Struggle and he is contact with the reality of the Libyan Peoples Struggle and his appeal should be listened to and supported.

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