Saturday, February 26, 2011

The People of Libya and Tripoli will decide the future of their country - no to Imperialist intervention !

Democracy and Class Struggle:  After a week of arduous struggle the Libyan people are winning and Gaddafy is isolated, his army, his diplomats, the tribes are all are abandoning him, even his corrupt business partner Berlusconi has said he has lost control of Libya.

Let the Libyan people consolidate their victory over Gaddafy and pre-empt any Imperialist intervention under whatever guise it may come. We salute the brave Libyan People and their victories to date.

We know that there is a long road to travel from this rebellion to revolution.The bureaucrat capitalists of Libya will try to reassert control with a friendlier face than that of the butcher Gaddafy.

Now awakened to their power the Libyan people can open up the road to better future for their country and if bravery were the sole judge they should win it.

We salute the Libyan People.

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