Monday, January 17, 2011

The historic victory of people of Tunisia by the Lebanese Communist Party

17/01/2011 Release The Lebanese Communist Party welcomes

The historic victory of people of Tunisia

Leadership of the Lebanese Communist Party activists salute the heroic actions recorded by the "Intifada of the poor" of the Tunisian people and its leaders, including, in particular, left Tunisia, against the dictatorship of death exerted by Zein al-Abidin Ben Ali and his relatives.

"The intifada of the poor" has done yesterday, a historic victory by removing the family that continues for 23 years that transformed Tunisia into a vast prison, but in a country rife with corruption, concealment public goods and the seizure of Governors of the productive sectors.

But the most important result of this victory is without a doubt, in addition to the end of the dictatorship and the flight of Ben Ali , The Tunisian victory is Arabic iin scope it takes, both by forces that are the basis for its implementation, and primarily the left forces and the General Federation of Trade Unions, as the program and the slogans that the movement has adopted and continued until the final victory.

This brought us to assert that the influence of what happened in Tunisia 14 January 2011 will be significant for all Arab peoples. We can even say that January 14 will be the starting point of a new popular movement whose beginnings are felt not only in Tunisia but also in Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait. A movement that is expanding, the two slogans advocating resistance against the imperialist policies and projects of Israeli and Democratic Change.

The Lebanese Communist Party, while bowing to the martyrs "The intifada of the poor ', calls for preserving the great victory achieved through the sacrifices of the Tunisian people and to move forward against the forces of the former regime who try to derail the movement. We also call on the forces of left and democracy to pursue the path to construction of a new regime based on democracy, social progress and equality.

Beirut, January 16, 2011

The Political Bureau
Lebanese Communist Party

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