Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Historic Day in the Struggle for Egyptian Democracy - symbolised by one man against a water cannon

Democracy and Class Struggle welcomes the Rising Arab Revolution which wants democracy for the masses and not just for the Neo-Liberal elites.

The current upsurge in the Arab World reminds me of comrade George Habash - Al Hakim and his vision of the unfolding Arab Revolution against the comprador elites which will free all Arabs including the Palestinians.

Today Ireland is the first European Country to upgrade the Palestinian office in Ireland to a full Embassy and a secret CIA Report sees the collapse of the US client state Israel through its internal contradictions within 20 years.

We are entering the 21st Century where the Arab street will determine the future of the Arab world and what we are seeing before our eyes is the first stage of a new revolutionary process of national and social liberation - salute to Arab revolutionary democracy.

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