Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Environmental Crisis and Copenhagen Conference: a Statement by the (new)Italian Communist Party

We release this statement by the (new)Italian Communist Party about the environmental crisis and Copenhagen Conference. As it is a statement firstly addressed to the advanced people of the working class and of the popular masses, and to the communist, revolutionary and progressive forces, it talks about the People’s Bloc Government, the only solution possible in Italy in the next future to face the ongoing economical and environmental crisis.

Anyway, this statement regards an international event as the Copenhagen Conference, and some important issues concerning the International Communist Movement. That is why we release it and exhort to pay attention to it.

The statement mentions the war the Indian State is going to rouse against the revolutionary movement in a very large zone in North and East India. This war has been called “Green Hunt”. It is a war of a same level as in Afghanistan, involving at least 150.000 troops or more, targeted at the forces of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and at the tribal people living there for thousand years. It will be an extermination war, no inferior to those carried out by the Nazis, with concentration camp like those already imprisoning Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

Indian State wants to free this great area for defeating the Maoist movement and because it wants to allow great multinational companies to devastate the territory and take possession of its great natural resources. So, the war will not only be an extermination but it will also open the way to an environmental devastation of the “green heart of Asia” that will have effect all over the world, as we have been told in a Conference held in London by some most important representatives of the movement defending human and political rights of poorest people in India. The fact that such a matter is not dealt with in Copenhagen Conference is only a sign of hypocrisy of the politicians there gathered.

The war against tribal people and revolutionary forces in India is also an attack to the environment, maybe greater than that in the Amazonas. A common front in defense of the life, of the human rights of millions of people, and of the environment must be established on the international level and in every country.

In solidarity,

CARC Party – International Department

December 3, 2009
Statement by the (new)Italian Communist Party
Central Committee
Preparatory Commission


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