Sunday, September 13, 2015

There is something missing in Sweden : Programme of Kommak

Press Release from Kommak in Sweden:


This draft principle progam marks that we believe that there is no revolutionary communist party in Sweden today, and that such is needed. Such a Communist Party must proceed from Marx / Engels scientific socialism and the revolutionary theories and practices, which is mainly designed by Lenin and Mao Zedong.

The two later led socialist revolution to victory and developed Marxism. A revolutionary communist party must also learn about the socialist construction, especially in the Soviet Union and China, Comintern, the Swedish communist movement, especially the movement inspired by the Cultural Revolution in China, which was included in the international Marxist-Leninist movement that emerged from the 1960s. 

Such a party must learn from all revolutionary movements in the world, who have fought against imperialist aggression and internal repression. It is equally important to study mistakes and success without necessarily losing themselves in academic quarrels. 

This does not mean that a communist party in Sweden unconditionally will take ideas from times past or from social formations, which clearly differentiated from the Swedish. The decisive factor is always the concrete analysis of concrete conditions.

In an interview with a foreign journalist in 1944 said Mao Zedong following:

"To accept ideas from China's past or from abroad does not mean we taking them unconditionally. They must adapt to the current conditions in China and practiced in accordance with these.

Our approach is a critical acceptance of our historical legacy and foreign thinking.

We are against the blind acceptance as well as a blind rejection of any idea. We Chinese must think with our own brains and must decide what to grow in our soil. "

 ("Stien", Selected Works, band 6)

As we publish this draft for public examination, it is also a invitation to a discussion among all those who are interested in the re-emergence of a revolutionary communist party in Sweden. It does not mean that we consider this draft as a fixed and finished the program - on the contrary.

We are convinced that it can significantly improve just because we will publish it and let it exposed to criticism. Not even the program commission agree on all points in this draft.

The draft program published here below, section for section. Interested can write comments directly related to the draft program. If you want a longer posts published separately, send it then to, we'll consider publishing.

Our ambition is to constitute a party forming organizational spring-summer 2016 on the basis of this program.

Program Commission of the Initiative group for the Communist party

Here below are the program:

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