Saturday, September 5, 2015

British Establishment Shame verses German Peoples Humanity : Syrian Refugee's receive people's welcome in Munich has British Tory Establishment voice Michael Portillo says refugees should be dumped on Libyan Beaches

    Why the Tories have been and always will be vermin - British Tory establishment voice Michael Portillo competes with David Davies of Monmouth and Nigel Farage for most inhuman comment about refugees

Portillo the British voice of Shame

He said: "I agree with Nigel Farage, that you do have to return these people, once they've been landed safely."
Asked where he would return them to, he said: "You return them to where they came from."
Host Andrew Neil pointed out many migrants are originally from war-torn Eritrea and Somalia, making it difficult if not impossible to return them to their country of origin.
Portillo replied: "It's not where they embarked"
Neil said: "No, but they're not Libyans. There's no point returning them to Libya, they don't belong in Libya"
Portillo shot back: "They don't belong in the European Union either, I'm afraid"

Asked if he was suggesting the refugees be "dumped back on the Libyan beach", Portillo said, with a steely expression: "I'm afraid so."


(Have Mercy)

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