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The British ruling class fears democratic space which is opening up right now- it is scared of that space, not Jeremy Corbyn by Comrade Sabnav

Democracy and Class Struggle publishes contributions from comrades on the meaning of the Jeremy Corbyn leadership of the Labour Party. 

These contributions reflect peoples personal views and are not the views of Democracy and Class Struggle - we begin with the personal view of Comrade Sabnav

In British parliamentary democratic  history, for the first time peoples voiced against basic concepts of  the system.

There are now active voices now campaigning for removing the UK from NATO, establishment, and welcoming refugees. This is an unusual ethic in a country like Britain.

This anti-establishment politics has now become the main stream with election of Jeremy Corbyn as the labour party leader. His landslide victory in the labour party election has shaken the British political establishment.

“The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family's security.”

This is the way  David  Cameron, the British prime minster  panicked with his victory.

The entire corporate media in UK, such as the Sun, the Independent, the BBC and any other high street media have started a deliberate propaganda against Corbyn, not knowing that the British working class, like the other European ones, has a long history of mobilising armed with the weapons created by its current masters.

The experienced working class are no longer feudal slaves.  Multi-national corporations and its political administrators implemented a slavery system during the past two decades in which working class are considered as voiceless, slave to its masters.

Since the great depression period, the ruling class created wage competition by globalising the work force, which enabled it to remove the basic workers rights, which the working class enjoyed in first world countries. Welfare state concept is abolished as communism is no longer a threat to the ruling class.

Multi-national corporation and ruling class controlled media, law and order, political thought process, education, technology and all the other super structures of the society.

An absolute fascist type structure has been fully implemented starting from Margaret Thatcher. Tony Blair implemented the fascist type ruling mechanism in the name of capitalist democracy.

The working class have never had the choice, during the past two decades, to come out of the fascist and dictatorship system.

For the first time Jeremy Corbyn, the back bench MP,  has come out and campaigned against some components of the existing fascist rule.

This is the reason people voted for Corbyn.  In the name of socialism or Marxism,

Corbyn may well chant any slogans, but he wants to restore the  basic capitalist democracy that the British people enjoyed before financial- corporate power emergence.

However we can draw these conclusions of his new active presence  and the support he receives:

1.       The working class is ready to fight.
2.       In case of a class leadership emergence,  it can lead the working class and the entire society which is being robbed by multi-national corporations.

Now, can Jeremy Corbyn restore at least the capitalist democracy? The answer is no.

What he proposes is to reform the existing political establishment which is built with multi–national corporations bricks, maintained with its engine.

In order for capitalism to exist, profit has to be maximised for the corporations.

Corbyn is trying to restore the society which will lead the capital owners to minimise the profit.
Capitalism has come a long way to reach the current crisis situation.

The only way to sustain this system is by implementing a fascist and dictatorship states.

Hence Jeremy Corbyn has to be part of that system to rule the country. It’s a simple equation, he can not restore even a capitalist basic democracy and save capitalism from crisis.

However Corbyn’s  emergence will open up debates in this society on the political side, which was indirectly banned from public discussion in the past.

It will provide a space for the progressive and democratic forces to organise and mobilise the working class.

By using this space, it is up to the progressive forces to build a new democratic thought among the working class and prepare it to change the political structure.

The British ruling class fears such democratic space which are opening up right now- it is scared of that space, not Corbyn.

It is the very reason why the entire British political community is attacking Jeremy Corbyn.

Comrade Sabnav

The Democracy and Class Struggle view is below :

Democracy and Class Struggle say the attempt to rebirth social democracy in Britain is supported by Varoufakis - it s a project which has already lost it sell by date and which may attract the dying remnants of British Trotskyism  - always a social democratic current that could never think beyond the market.

The only real option is the building of communist revolutionary socialism in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Kernow  and not the moribund centralised social democracy of the Imperialist Labour Party.

The membership of the Labour Party is the middle strata examined by our comrade Harry Powell here.

The British Labour Party eclectic social democratic ideology is a reflection of the contradictory class position of that strata today.

It was the Labour aristocracy yesterday that first created the contradictory British Social Democratic ideology from its class position.

There is a another tradition of communist revolutionary socialism in these islands and and not social democratic market Reformism from William Thompson of County Cork through to James Connolly and John Maclean in the 20th Century which combines national and social liberation.

Democracy and Class Struggle is in that tradition which still has the future before it-  not that of the Imperialist British Labour Party which is dying and no amount of Corbyn or Varoufakis political alchemy can turn the base metal of the Labour Party into the gold of socialism.

For the Origins of  the  Democracy and Class Struggle view of Socialism in these islands visit  :

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