Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ukraine: Mariupol workers are more radical than many of the spineless left

At the meeting were representatives of various social organizations, religious communities and nations - the Azov Greeks, Germans and Russian Jews. Demonstrators adopted a... resolution which demanded:

1. Return of the largest enterprises in the city - they smelters. Ilyich, "Iron & Steel Works" concern "Azovmash" state property.

2. Revitalize sunk into oblivion Azov Shipping Mariupol and confectionary.

3. Prohibit the activities of nationalist organizations.

4. Hold a referendum on federalization and defend the right of the Donetsk region in determining their own choice between the customs or the European Union.

5. Express distrust of Mariupol city council member that does not support their constituents, who refused to take part in a rally to condemn and painful problems.

6. Release from custody "people's governor" Paul Gubaryov. Not to recognize the authority and legitimacy of the oligarchs appointed parliament.

7. To stop the threat of dismissal of employees of enterprises participating at rallies for expression, prohibit the legalization of armed forces the right sector.

8. Condemn the removal from office of officers who refused to implement the introduction of military detachments right sector, welcome cooperation with Russia.

9. Condemn the plans of Ukraine joining the "NATO", a full investigation of provocation with snipers shot at protesters and "Berkut", which resulted in numerous casualties on both sides, to find and punish the perpetrators.

10. Conduct of the executive committee of three members of the public who would exercise control over the decisions of the officials with the right to veto.

11. Established in all districts councils of workers' deputies.

12. Hold early elections to the Verkhovna Rada.
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