Thursday, March 20, 2014

Two Line Struggle over Imperialism - Nickglais and Radu Florin on US, Ukraine and Imperialism

                                        Mao and Lin Biao

Radu Florin is from Romania and Nickglais is from Wales and here is a recent heated exchange on Ukraine and Imperialism.

We publish this exchange to highlight a two line struggle over Imperialism and the Ukraine and welcome further contributions to the two line struggle.

Also remember it was Romania with Germany that attacked Crimea during Second World War - you are not exposing your own bourgeosie's pro NATO position on Crimea and Ukraine Today.

That is why it is important to identify principal enemy.


Nicholas Glais "The duty of every honest Russian Communist - to express their solidarity with the Ukrainian comrades and give them full support. 
             We do not choose between Kiev and Moscow regimes between Kaiser and King.
             We have our own barricade on which we must fight. It starts on the streets of Kharkov and Odessa, where activists "Borotba" mobilize workers against local oligarchs and ends in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the Communists are going to antiwar rallies".
             Артем Кирпиченок



Radu Florin That is pro-imperialist bullshit on your part. There is NO lesser evil between Russia and America since they are both huge empires with roughly the same number of nukes. Unless you make minced meat of Maos' Three Worlds Theory, that is. Plus I do not see why you bring up World War 2, when did I EVER support Germany and Romania's aggression against the Soviet Union? My advice for you is to keep cool and not get yourself too much carried away.


Nicholas Glais Well you are certainly supporting the Romanian Bourgeoisie at the moment your main enemy at home with your Russophobic bullshit and provding ideological cover for the main enemy of the worlds People's US NATO Imperialism


Radu Florin There is no main enemy here, Russia and America are both huge empires with roughly the same number of nukes.


             Nicholas Glais Do some economic analysis Russia accounts for some 3% of world capital flows and is nothing like an equivalent in terms of global Imperialism to US imperialism- The Russian bourgeoisie is a secondary enemy and not a principal one.


Radu Florin Germany too had fewer colonies than Britain and France yet Lenin did NOT regard German imperialism as the lesser evil, did he? You forget Russia has the support of China, which is the most populous in the world and the second-largest economy in the world. But your main fault is the fact you refuse to see the truth of Mao's Three Worlds Theory. Russia has thousands of nukes, HOW THE FUCK can a country with thousands of nukes be a secondary power, I fail to see through your silly LIN-BIAOIST line of reasoning.



Nicholas Glais There are many contradictions in the current situation and yes even contradictions between Russia and China has China has its own interests in Ukraine eg Building a new port and land hunger for its Agro Industrial Complex for Ukrainian Land ! 
       Out of all these multiple contradictions we have to decide which is principal and identify our enemy.My position is to expose my own bourgeoise the British Bourgeoisie and support Ukrainian anti Fascists, If I was Russian I should oppose the Russian bourgeoisie at Peace marches and give support to anti Fascists in the Ukraine. What are you doing to expose Pro NATO Romanian bourgeoisie ? And what support are you giving to anti Fascists in Ukraine.


Radu Florin The Western bourgeoisie may be the bigger enemy in YOUR country but not on the world scale. You keep on parroting the same LIN-BIAOIST un-Maoist line because you are blind to the fact Russia's thousands of nukes represent o destructive potential ROUGHLY EQUAL to that of the United States. And Russia won't be without its OWN huge allies against the West. The situation at the present time is similar to that of 1914- two imperialist coalitions of roughly the same strength. There is no principal enemy at the world scale and no secondary one. As for my own country, I do a lot to expose the hypocrisy of the both sides, you shouldn't worry about that. The fact a Western Communist should focus on fighting the Western bourgeoisie does NOT mean that he should close his eyes to the truth: nuclear weapons are the best indicator of imperialist strength and Russia and America have roughly the same number of nukes.


Nicholas Glais So North Korean with nuclear Weapons makes it Imperialist ? your sole indicator of Imperialism is Nuclear Weapons - have you not heard of CAPITALIST IMPERIALISM you analysis the concrete conditions in the world economy has Rosa Luxembourg, Lenin and Bukharin did - I do not remember them counting guns in 1914 to decide who was imperialist but analysing the world economy.

       Your view would be fine with a moralistic opposition to Imperialism by the Liberal Hobson.


Radu Florin No, because North Korea is not imperialist, it doesn't export capital on a large scale, it doesn't have an EMPIRE like Russia's CIS. I never said that nukes are the best indicator of imperialism, I only said they were the best indicator of imperialist STRENGTH. Nukes are the best indicator of imperialist STRENGTH, and I wasn't I who came up with that, it was Mao himself, Mao whom you have forsaken for silly Lin-Biaoism.



Nicholas Glais I am not promoting a Lin Baoist three worlds theory just analysing the relative economic power of US imperialism has against the Russian bourgeoisie and do not see any equality :

       Biggest military Expenditure: The top 15 for military expenditure. ($US billions): 1. United States $682.0. 2. China $166.0. 3. RUSSIA $90.7. 4. United Kingdom $60.8. 5. Japan $59.3. 6. France $58.9. 7. Saudi Arabia $56.7. 8. India $46.1. 9. Germany $45.8. 10. Italy $34.0. 11. Brazil $33.1. 12. South Korea $31.7. 13. Australia $26.2. 14. Canada $22.5. 15. Turkey $18.2.

              Fleets and aircraft carriers The US has five battleship fleets, the Second Fleet in the Atlantic, the Third Fleet in the Eastern Pacific, the Fifth Fleet in the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean, the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and the Seventh Fleet in the Western Pacific. No other nation gets a look in here. This is a list of the aircraft carriers in service in 2013: United States 10, Italy 2, United Kingdom, 1, France 1, RUSSIA 1, Spain 1, India 1, Brazil 1, China 1 and Thailand 1.

             The US currently maintains a world-wide network of some 1000 military bases and installations (outside the US, 2,639 including US home bases in 1993). In addition, other NATO countries, such as France and the UK have a further 200 such military locations within the network of global military control. The biggest “host” countries are those that once lost a major war in which the US was involved. Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea are the four biggest ‘hosts’. France and the UK mainly have bases in the remains of their colonial empires. The UK is strong in the South Atlantic and around the Mediterranean; France is strong in the South Pacific and in Africa.




Radu Florin Mao's Three World Theory does not include the military spending, it is mainly about the number of nukes. Why do you refuse to see that NUKES ARE MORE DESTRUCTIVE than conventional warfare is? Can America defeat Russia with planes and tanks and aircraft carriers? Not, it CANNOT. Military bases DO NOT COUNT when we deal with a NUCLEAR SUPERPOWER!!



Nicholas Glais So that's it Nuclear Weapons determines Imperialist or Not ? Better forget about Marxism Leninism Maoism and a theory of Imperialism just Florin's theory of Nukes a short cut to concrete analysis of concrete conditions or how to conduct a theory of Imperialism without studying it


Radu Florin Nukes are the best indicator of imperialist STRENGTH, not of imperialism. Go study Mao's Three World Theory, you silly Lin-Biaoist!


Nicholas Glais The Monopoly Capitalist Economy is not an indicator of Imperialist Strength just the products they produce like Nukes you confuse appearance for essence and substitute geo politics for class struggle.

Radu Florin Mao said to Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia that NUKES WERE THE BEST INDICATOR OF IMPERIALIST STRENGTH. Your comparison with North Korea is unappropriate as North Korea is clearly not imperialist. Imperialism is about monopoly capital, finance capital and export of capital. Imperialist STRENGTH however is first and foremost about nuclear weapons. 

Get over it, you Lin Biaoist traitor to Maoism!


Anonymous said...

Peter Tobin At a level of abstraction there is not much to choose between a fascist and a mafia state and in this by extension in this instance to apply a Leninist plague on all their imperialist pretensions. It might also be said that Mao's analysis of Soviet Social Imperialism remains extant without its original nomenclature. Despite being bad-tempered this exchange brings out these important questions and show importance always to establish specificities of the world conjuncture since 1990 and American victory in Cold War and its subsequent uni-polar global hegemony. While understanding comrade Florin's position he misses the fact that US bestrides ubiquitously and is the principal contradiction facing the international proletariat, from its open present militaristic adventurism in Venezuela, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and it's political, economic and ideological meddling everywhere else. In this sense it is wrong to compare Germany's position re imperial strenght in1914 with Russia's today - the former, at the outset, was equal in all important indicators to its rivals - this is not the case of Russia - which has been in decline for decades and retains parity only in nukes (maybe? it's arsenal might be so degraded by now and this might be encouraging US warmongering.) The fact of relative US decline only promotes and provokes it to greater violence. War is of course inevitable with imperialism - if only because there is never an equable balance of forces between the nation states that shape it from one moment to the next. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we oppose all imperialist states at all times Therefore, while it was correct for communists to condemm inter-imperialist slaughter of First War and to turn it into revolution, it was equally correct of USSR to ally with British and American bourgeois imperialists to defeat Hitler's 3rd Reich. As US now has become 4th Reich we have identity of interests, if not practical alliance with all its enemies.

Anonymous said...

Radu Florin is a Social Fascist who unapologetically advocates for rape. A classic quote of his: "Rape is a way to humiliate your enemy or, even better, his ideology." AND
"They shouldn't punish ISIS women because they are women, but because they are ISIS, same way raping a Nazi woman is not patriarchism...raping a supporter of patriarchism is not patriarchism.