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Grasping the Principal Contradiction is key to understanding the Ukrainian Crisis by Nickglais

"As we have said we must not treat all contradictions in process as being equal but must distinguish between the principal and the secondary contradictions and pay special attention to grasping the principal one"

Mao Zedong on Contradiction - August 1937

The situation in the Ukraine and Crimea exhibits a mulitude of contradictions and some see this complexity has an excuse for grandstanding and taking the liberal view of plague on both your houses in regard to US Nato Imperialism and the Russian Federation.

However our duty has revolutionaries is to clarify the complexity and guide political action.

From a concrete analysis of the situation in the Ukraine we identify the source of the current crisis in an explosive internal social contradiction which has been fermented by a long term US/NATO investment of a minimum of  five billion  dollars to exploit the justified greviances of the Ukrainian people to their own US/NATO expansionist Imperialist ends.

We have evidence from Wiki-leaks of US intent to bring Ukraine into NATO despite the wish of the  Ukrainian people to remain outside this military alliance.

There is also evidence from multiple sources of subversion both overt and covert in the Ukraine by US/NATO Imperialism leading up to the February 21st explosion and seizure of power in Kiev by a Fascist Putsch.

The installation of the Fascist infested Putschist regime was the climax of a long process of US/NATO planning and not absent mindedness,the failure of the the planned NATO/Turkish MIT coup in the Crimea shows that.

We identify the principal contradiction in the Ukraine has between US/NATO Imperialism and the people of the Ukraine and Crimea and not with the Russian Bourgeoisie.

There is also a contradiction with the Russian bourgeoisie and the people of the Ukraine and Crimea but we identify this has a secondary contradiction and not the driving one.

The Russian Federation wave of pro Putinism is also being accompanied by its opposite Russian Anti Fascism which if exploited by the Russian Federation Left has great revolutionary potential and could ulimately be Putin's undoing.

Thus grasping the principal contradiction allows us to combat the chorus of Russian Imperialism issuing from the neo conservatives and soft liberal left and expose US/NATO Imperialism has the principal enemy - not just of the Ukrainian people but of all mankind by installing a fascist infested Putsch in Kiev.

The European Left Singing from the same hymn sheet has US NATO Imperialism is self defeating and letting the installers of the Kiev Putsch off the hook.

We cannot fight all our enemies at the same time which is why Mao advises us to identify our principal enemy and focus on his destruction while at the same time exploiting what secondary contradictions that exist to prepare battle with our next adversary for the time he becomes the principal enemy.

Has Mao Zedong writes - August 1937

"There are thousands of scholars and men of action who do not understand it, and the result is that, lost in a fog, they are unable to get to the heart of the problem and naturally cannot find a way to resolve contradictions"

Grasp the Principal Contradiction

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism

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