Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crisis in the Ukraine : Update from Communist Party of Romania

Given the recent developments in Ukraine, the ousting of president Yanukovich in a Western-sponsored coup and the fact he continues to remain popular in large swathes of the country, such as the Eastern part, which is also the industrial heartland of Ukraine, and Krymea, given the fact there is a visible trend towards both the regime in Kyiv joining the EU and the secession of the Eastern and Southern parts, our Party has this to say on these issues:

1. The battle between the Western and Eastern capitalist empires, namely the EU and the Eurasian Union, over Ukraine is ongoing, and has retained its imperialist character on both sides. Therefore we utterly and resolutely condemn both the EU and the Eurasian Union, and that with equal intensity. In this respect we stick to our postion from the December 1 statement on Ukraine.

2. We recognize the right of the peoples of Donbass and Krymea to secession from Ukraine, even though we regard such a secession as harmful to the people of Ukraine, as well as to the inter-proletarian solidarity between Ukrainian speaking and Russian speaking workers, between Catholic and Orthodox workers.

3. The outcome of secessionist struggle is an internal affair of Ukraine, and secession, though legitimate from the standpoint of Russian-speaking masses who find themselves disenfranchised by the chauvinistic measures taken by the new government in Kyiv, should not, under any circumstances, be enforced by military intervention from any given superpower. Should Russian forces invade Ukraine to back up secessionist movement, our position would be similar to that from the Georgian War of 2008- of resolute and uconditional condemnation of such an invasion as a predatory, imperialist act of conquest. It would be a huge tragedy if the Kyyiv regime crushed the secessionist movement but the tragedy would be even greater if a great power invaded Ukraine to support the secessionist movement, for the destructive capabilities of great powers far exceed those of petty powers such as Ukraine.

4. Should the Western imperialist powers send troops to back up the new regime in Kyyiv, we will condemn such an intervention in a similar way, as a predatory, imperialist war to forcibly draw Ukraine into the Western capitalist empire known as the EU. Any form of military intervention from either the West or the East must be regarded as an imperialist aggression, and condemned as such


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