Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Union ‘Borotba’ over recent smear campaign against anti-fascists in Ukraine

So, here we are again. The old and tired brawling in Ukraine continues despite the current collapse of the country.

Two marginal admittedly ‘left’ sects in Ukraine amidst fascist coup and far-right terror on streets try to accuse the leftwing forces and organizations that organize anti-fascist resistance.

It’s not for the first time, however, the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.

Despite the irrelevance, of the statement against ‘Borotba’, we need to clear up some facts. The statement that “Borotba” union is not a part of our movement” is true in some aspects.

We are not part of the movement that tried to collaborate with far-right and Nazi forces that dominate in Euromaidan protest.

We are not part of the movement that – like those small sects – that tried to hide their ‘leftism’ in Euromaidan while actually helping to bring to power open Nazis and just another clan of oligarchs that accepts IMF loans and austerity measures.

We are not part of the movement that actually backs clerical, conservative and reactionary sentiments.

The signatures of the smearing statement just pretend to be anti-conservative at the same time backing nationalist, clerical and anti-semitic protest in Euromaidan.

Sme of them have given in to patriotic intoxications - ready to be enlisted in the army so that to defend nazi-junta and its oligarchs.

A hundred years after WWI beginning and we are at the same situation again.

We are not part of the movement that takes sides according to orders given from NGOs. We are not part of the movement that tries to hide left symbolic and social slogans in current situation.

We are not part of the movement that buys into nationalist and patriotic hysteria spreading all over the country.

We are not part of the movement that tries to defend the coup on behalf of Nazis, oligarchs and IMF.

We are not part of the movement that tries to diminish the role of Nazis in Euromaidan or even whitewash their image when even mainstream western media show far-right paramilitaries roaming over the streets.

In short, we are not the part of the movement that has nothing common with left and antifascist stance.

Thus, we are and have always been a leftwing and antifascist organization. We condemn ex-regime of Yanukovich and the new far-right government as well.

We condemn Russian and Western interference in Ukrainian affairs as well as militarist patriotic intoxication induced by new power.

We stay strong on our left positions, though we are targeted by boneheads, far-right nationalists from Right Sector and ‘Svoboda’ paramilitaries.

Our office in Kiev was recently looted and ransacked. Our members are victims of far-right violence.

Some activists of the ‘Borotba’ union had to go underground so that to continue anti-fascist struggle. And in such a situation the smearing statement seems to be a denounce addressed to far-right militants.

As for the recent events in Kharkiv (March 1, 2014) we should highlight the following facts. There was a mass rally of different forces opposing Euromaidan.

People decided to free the building of Kharkiv Regional State Administration earlier seized by Euromaidan supporters.

After negotiations most Euromaidan supporters agreed to leave the building.

Some militants (mostly from the Right Sector but some liberals too) rejected to obey the decision of Euromaidan majority and decided to stay in.

Activists of ‘Borotba’ participated in the mass rally near the building carrying on agitation of internationalist and anti-fascist stance (and were criticized for that by some pro-Russian citizens).

The mass rally rushed to storm the seized building after somebody has thrown into the crowd the flash-bang grenade. A crowd burst into building and captured some of the militants from Right Sector and a group of liberals that stayed with them (including poet Serhiy Zhadan).

Then followed attempts of lynching made by excited crowd.

Activists of ‘Borotba’ tried to stop by all possible means the lynching of captured Euromaidan supporters.

So, the accusation of ‘Borotba’ is not only irrelevant but looks like a sheer hypocrisy from those who tried to ignore the practice of lynching dissenters regularly made by far-right Euromaidan supporters in Kiev and other cities.

All the accusations of ‘Borotba’ union are sheer slander of some pro-nationalists groups or individuals.

We firmly follow internationalist antifascist and class line as our basic stance. We are against both Russian and Ukrainian nationalisms that are being used now only for dividing working class and further plundering of the country.

We do not back Russian nationalist organizations as well as Ukrainian ones. All the smear campaign of our organization led by far-right groups and caught up by some admittedly ‘left’ groups will not stop us to organize anti-fascists resistance.

No Pasaran!

No gods, no masters, no nations, no borders!

Workers of all countries – unite!


Note: Democracy and Class Struggle does not share exactly the same views has Borotba on the National Question nevertheless we recognise them has comrades.

Borotba are organising and exposing  Nazism and Fascism in the Ukraine and not apologising for Nazism and Fascism in the Ukrainian Government  has some anarchists and liberals are doing.

The likes of OTPOR CANVAS and its pseudo Libertarian Leftism have influenced some Anarchists and they need the necessary exposure by Union Borotba.


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