Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ukraine Crisis : The government of Ultra-liberals and Nazis by Borotba

Our country will face soon a sharp economic crisis – the one that is close to full economic collapse, hyperinflation and mass impoverishment. Under such circumstances the ruling class will put a stake on paramilitary Nazi-units while appointing as a kind of necessary scape-goats ‘moskali’ (derogatory name for Russians) and ‘titushki’ (derogatory name for pro-government supporters). Thus, the ‘patriots’ will unleash a war against all of them. That’s why the anti-fascists struggle should be the primary task for today.

Recently the new government was presented in Ukraine. Its head, the prime-minister A. Yatzenuk has labelled it as “kamikaze government”. It will last only until elections planned on May 25th. It would just accept the predatory conditions of IMF loan and will immediately fall down as a victim of the following economic collapse. This is a good reason why the key figures of the liberal-nationalist opposition don’t enter this government.

However, as we predicted, this “kamikaze” government is, nevertheless, under full control of the coalition of ultra-liberals and neo-Nazis. The positions of Vice-Premier and a minister were given out to the members “Svoboda” party - Sych and Mochnyk. Moreover, S. Kvit, an open nazi and former officer of nazi organization “Trizub of Stepan Bandera” has got the Ministry for Public Education.

While being the head of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy he was righteously met with hatred by all progressive students. The position of a deputy head of the Council for National Security and Defense was offered to the leader of the ultranationalist ‘Right Sector’ A. Yarosh.

The regime of putschists has revealed its authoritarian and semi-fascist character. Some bills about banning of the Communists party activity were recently proposed in Parliament.

And most likely, such “banning” would be a legal cover for illegal activities of neonazi gangs aimed to murder communists and unleash pogroms. The “acting” President of Ukraine A. Turchynov convoked journalists and ordered them how to comment the current events ‘correctly’. The disloyal to the new power journalists receive threat from neonazi gangs.

Armed militants of the Right Sector and other Nazi gangs have rushed into south-eastern regions of Ukraine. They are going to violently seize power there, contrary to the will of the people’s majority.

Some provocations also take place in Crimea.

We witness the mobilisation of Tartar nationalists and islamist radicals. At the same time some Russian-nationalist organizations prepare to declare Crimea joining with Russia. Some unknown persons have seized Crimean Parliament. ]

We are convinced that most of the Crimeans are reasonable enough and can effectively organize resistance to the incoming fascists and at the same time will not buy into provocations and will not let to turn the Crimean peninsula into a zone of ethnic violence.

Thus, in the context of mass mobilization the activists of ‘Borotba’ union and Centre of Anti-fascist Resistance put forward the following slogans:

Not to defend the surrendered power but rather to build up people's self-organization.

Not to ignite ethnic and language conflicts but rather to defend values of internationalism and peoples’ friendship.

The only solution to the crisis created by oligarchs, officials and politicians is creating a socialist society.

After the announcement of anti-fascist mobilization we received hundreds of letters offering active participation and assistance.

Our centre may not be able to respond everybody at once but we will contact everyone and try to involve everyone into our common case.

Today our comrades all over the Ukraine use tactics of underground ways of carrying on agitation: draw graffities, spread out leaflets, etc.

We will certainly send everybody willing to help us everything what is necessary for carrying on agitation.

Join the Struggle!


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