Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ukraine: 300 United States Mercenaries from Blackwater ( Academi) being deployed to Donetsk

A Russian Diplomat in Kiev  told the Interfax News Agency on Wednesday that 300 employees of the Private Security Firm (Academi)  Blackwater (also known has Graystone Services) arrived there.

They are being send to Donetsk and Southern Ukraine  to quell discontent with Kiev Putschist Government.

Blackwater was founded in 1997 by former US Seal Erik Prince and because of controversy around its killings rebranded themselves to Xe and now Academi.

Also remember there are NATO covert forces on the ground operating through nationalist organisation like UNA UNO.

Time for Left to wake up to extreme seriousness of the situation in Ukraine and expose the principal enemy US Imperialism allied with its EEC running dogs which has installed a Nazi Fascist Government in the Ukraine,

Fascism can only be defeated by building alliances against the principal enemy has we have stated in our solidarity statement with Ukrainian Anti Fascists.

No Grandstanding on The Ukraine by the Left time for action to bring down the Kiev Putschists..

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