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China : Third Plenum Communique - Xi Xingping disappoints Western Commentariat

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Third Plenum Communique  has disappointed most of the Western Commentariat, that is good, but is there anything in it that the revolutionary international  communist movement could applaud.
Well the defence of State Industries and the attack on neo Liberal fundamentalism are welcome words but they are offset by a strong commitment to market mechanisms and the re affirmation of placing of Deng Xiaoping Thought on the same level as Mao Zedong Thought and not unsurprisingly no recognition of revolutionary Marxism Leninism Maoism has the genuine Marxism Leninism of our age.
The philosophy of synergising differences and the abandonment of class struggle is still is a theme that runs through this and other recent communiques from China.
There is a rebalancing in China away from market fundamentalism but is still far short of any conception of revolutionary socialism, Xi  Xingping has changed the direction a little in China but it is still a capitalist one with social democratic characteristics.
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● The overall objective is to comprehensively deepen reform and improve and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and promote national governance systems and governance capacity modernization
● 2020, in key areas and key links reform to achieve a decisive outcome

● Central founded comprehensively deepen reforms leading group responsible for the overall reform of the design, coordination, overall progress, and supervise the implementation

● legal authority to uphold the Constitution, deepen reform of administrative law enforcement to ensure that the exercise of judicial power independently and impartially according prosecutorial power, and improve human rights protection system of justice

● comprehensive economic reform is the focus of deepening reform, the market in allocating resources to better play a decisive role and the role of government

● China will set up a National Security Council

● public sector and non-public economy is an important component of the socialist market economy

● propose to give farmers more property rights, promoting urban and rural elements of equal exchange and balanced allocation of public resources

● proposed to deepen fiscal and tax reform and military reform

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 12 - Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China the third plenary meeting communique (November 12, 2013 the Central Committee of Communist Party of China eighteenth third plenary session)

Communist Party of China Central Committee of the eighteenth third plenary meeting, on 9 November 2013 to 12 in Beijing.

Have attended the plenary session, the Central Committee of 204, 169 Central Committee alternate. Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the relevant responsible comrades attended the meeting. The party's 18 delegates some grass-roots gay and scholars also attended the meeting.

Plenary Session chaired by the Central Political Bureau. Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping made ​​an important speech.

Plenum listened to and discussed by the Politburo Xi Jinping commissioned for the work report passed the "CPC Central Committee on major issues comprehensively deepen reform decisions." Xi Jinping on the "decision (draft)," explained to the plenary.

Plenary fully affirmed the party's 18 since the Politburo's work. Agreed that, faced with a very complex international situation and the arduous task of domestic reform, development and stability, fully implement the Party's Politburo two Plenary Sessions, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" important thought, the scientific development concept as a guide, to unite and lead the people of the whole Party, insisted progress while maintaining stability of the overall tone of the work, focus on steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform, calm to cope with various risks and challenges, and comprehensively promote the socialist economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction, and comprehensively promote the party's construction of a new great project, and promote the Party's mass line educational practice, the work has achieved new progress, and promote more equitable development outcomes benefit all the people, to achieve the implementation of the party's 18 spirit of the first year a good start.

Plenary highly Third Plenary Session of the Party's reform and opening up 35 years of successful practice and great achievements, deepen the reform of a comprehensive number of major issues that the reform and opening up the party in the new historical conditions of the people of all nationalities led great new revolution of contemporary China's most distinctive feature is the key to decide the fate of contemporary China choice, is the cause of the party and the people important weapon strides to catch up with the times. Facing the new situation and new tasks, building a moderately prosperous society, and then build a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, to be in the new historical starting point comprehensively deepen reforms.

Plenum stressed that the comprehensive deepening reform, we must hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" important thought, the scientific development concept as a guide, strengthen confidence, build consensus, co-ordinate planning, promote synergy, adhere to the socialist market economy, the direction of reform, to promote social fairness and justice, to promote welfare of the people as the starting point and end point, further emancipate the mind, liberation and development of social productive forces, the liberation and enhanced social vitality, and resolutely get rid of all aspects of institutional shortcomings, efforts to develop socialism with Chinese characteristics broader prospects.

Plenum pointed out that the overall objective is to comprehensively deepen reform and improve and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and promote national governance systems and governance capacity modernized. Must pay more attention to the systemic reform, integrity, interoperability, accelerate the development of the socialist market economy, democratic politics, culture and a harmonious society, ecological civilization, so that all labor, knowledge, technology, management, capital unleash the vitality, so that all sources of social wealth full play, so that the fruits of development to benefit all the people more and more equitable.

The plenum pointed out, should focus on the market in allocating resources play a decisive role in deepening economic reform, uphold and improve the basic economic system, accelerate the improvement of the modern market system, macro-control system, an open economy, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, accelerate the construction of innovation-oriented country, promote economies more efficient, more equitable, more sustainable; closely around the Party's leadership, people are the masters, according to the law unified state machine political reform, accelerating the socialist democratic political institutionalization, standardization procedures, and building a socialist country ruled by law, the development of a broader, fuller, more robust people's democracy; tightly around the building a socialist core value system, the socialist cultural power to deepen cultural restructuring, accelerate the improvement of the management system and cultural production and cultural operating mechanism, establish and improve the modern public cultural service system, the modern cultural market system, and promote the development and prosperity of socialist culture; tightly around to better protect and improve people's livelihood and promote social fairness and justice to deepen social reform, reform the income distribution system, and promoting common prosperity, and promote the social sphere system innovation, promote the equalization of basic public services, accelerate the formation of a scientific and effective system of social governance, both energetic and ensure social harmony and order; tightly around the beautiful Chinese deepening ecological civilization construction system, speed up the establishment of ecological civilized system, improve land space development, economical use of resources, ecological and environmental protection of institutional mechanisms to promote harmonious development between human and nature new pattern of modernization; focused on enhancing the scientific, democratic and law governance to deepen reform of party building strengthen democratic centralism, improve the party's leadership structure and governance, maintaining the Party's advanced nature and purity for reform, opening up and socialist modernization drive and provide a strong political guarantee.

The plenum pointed out comprehensively deepen reforms must be based on our long-term primary stage of socialism, the largest practical, adhere to the development is still the key to solving all the problems of this major strategic judgment, taking economic construction as the center, to play the role of economic reform traction and promote relations of production with productivity, adapt to the superstructure and the economic base, and promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development.

Plenum pointed out that economic reform is the focus of a comprehensive deepening reform, the core issue is to handle the relationship between government and the market, the market in allocating resources play a decisive role, and better play the role of government.

Plenum stressed that the successful practice of reform and opening to comprehensively deepen reform provides important lessons to be long-term adherence. Most importantly, adhere to the Party's leadership, implement the Party's basic line, do not take the old road closed rigid, change the flag changing of the guard does not go astray, firmly take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, always ensure that the reform right direction; emancipate our minds, seek truth from facts, advance with the times, pragmatic, everything from reality, summed successful domestic practices Experiences from Abroad, the courage to promote the theory and practice of innovation; adhere to the people-oriented, respect the principal position to play the people's pioneering spirit, closely rely on the people promote reform, promote the comprehensive development; adhere to correctly handle the relationship between reform, development and stability, courage to be big, steady steps to strengthen top-level design and cross the river by feeling the stones combined, overall progress and breakthroughs in key areas to promote and improve the reform of scientific decision-making, broad consensus to form a reform efforts.

The meeting demanded to 2020 in key areas and key links reform to achieve a decisive outcome, forming system is complete, scientific, standard, run an effective institutional system, so that all aspects of the system more mature more stereotypes.

Plenary comprehensively deepen reforms to system deployment, emphasizing uphold and improve the basic economic system, accelerate the improvement of the modern market system, accelerate the transformation of government functions and deepening fiscal reform, improve institutional mechanisms for the integration of urban and rural development, to build an open economic system, strengthening social democracy political system, promoting the rule of law in China, strengthen the operation of power control and supervision system, promote the cultural system and mechanism innovation, and promote social reform and innovation, institutional innovation and social governance, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization system, deepen the reform of national defense and the armed forces, strengthen and comprehensively deepen reforms to improve the party's leadership.

Plenary session, public ownership is dominant and diverse forms of ownership develop the basic economic system, the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is an important pillar of the socialist market economic system of the foundation. Public sector and non-public economy is a socialist market economy, an important component of China's economic and social development are an important foundation. We must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public economy, adhere to the dominant position of public ownership, state-owned economy to play a leading role, and constantly enhance the vitality of the state economy, dominance and influence. We must unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economic development, stimulate the non-public economic vitality and creativity. To improve the protection of property rights system, and actively develop the mixed ownership economy, promoting state-owned enterprises to improve the modern enterprise system, to support the healthy development of non-public economy.

Plenary session, building a unified, open, competitive and orderly market system, is to make the market in allocating resources play a decisive role in the foundation. Must accelerate the formation of independent operation and fair competition, consumer freedom of choice in consumption, and the free movement of goods and factors, equal exchange of a modern market system, efforts to clear the market barriers and improve the efficiency of resource allocation and fairness. To establish a fair and open and transparent market rules, improve mainly determined by the market price mechanism, establish a unified urban and rural construction land market, improve financial market system, deepen the science and technology system.

Plenary session, scientific macro-control, effective governance, is to play the advantages of the socialist market economic system, the inherent requirements. Must effectively transform government functions and deepening administrative reform, innovation and administrative management, strengthen the government's credibility and execution, building the rule of law government and service-oriented government. To improve macro-control system, fully and properly perform government functions, optimizing the organizational structure of government, improve the scientific management level.

Plenary session, fiscal governance is the foundation and pillar of science is to optimize the allocation of resources and taxation system, maintaining a unified market and promote social justice, to achieve stability of the state system of protection. Must improve legislation and clear powers, reform the tax system, the tax burden stable and transparent budget, improve efficiency, establish a modern financial system, to play both central and local initiative. To improve the budget management system, improve the tax system, the establishment powers and expenditure responsibilities compatible system.

Plenary session, urban-rural dual structure is constraining the main obstacle to the integration of urban and rural development. We must improve the institutional mechanisms, the formation to promote agriculture, the city with rural workers and peasants reciprocity, one of the new urban and rural workers and peasants, urban-rural relations, so that the majority of farmers equal participation in the process of modernization, to share modern achievements. To accelerate the construction of new agricultural management system, giving farmers more property rights, and promote urban and rural elements of equal exchange and balanced allocation of public resources, and improve institutional mechanisms for the healthy development of urbanization.

Plenary session, to adapt to the new situation of economic globalization, we must promote the mutual promotion and opening to the outside, bringing in and going out to better integrate and promote the free flow of international and domestic factors orderly, efficient allocation of resources, market depth integration, participation and accelerating the development of lead new competitive advantages in international economic cooperation, Yikaifangcu reforms. To relax the investment access, speed up free trade zones, expanding inland border open.

Plenary session, the development of socialist democratic politics, you must ensure that the people are the masters of the fundamental, uphold and improve the people's congress system, the Chinese Communist Party-led multi-party cooperation and political consultation system of regional ethnic autonomy system and the grass-roots mass self-government system, and more focus on sound democratic system, enrich the forms of democracy, give full play to the superiority of China's socialist political system. To promote the people's congress system with the times, promoting the development of deliberative democracy extensive multi-institutionalization, the development of grassroots democracy.

Plenary session, building the rule of law China, we must deepen judicial reform, accelerate the construction of a fair, efficient and authoritative socialist judicial system, and maintain people's rights. Legal authority to uphold the Constitution, deepen reform of administrative law enforcement to ensure that the exercise of judicial power independently and impartially according procuratorial, judicial power sound operational mechanism, improve the system of judicial protection of human rights.

Plenary session, insisted institutions to govern power steward, people, let the people supervisory powers, and exercise power in the sunshine, is to power off the cage into the system fundamental policy. Must build Decision Sciences, implementation of firm and effective oversight of the exercise of power system, a sound system for punishing and preventing corruption, building a clean political efforts to achieve cadres honest, clean government, clean politics. To form a scientific and effective power constraints and coordination mechanism, strengthening anti-corruption institutional innovation and system security, improve the style of a sound system of normalization.

Plenary session, building a socialist culture and power, and enhance national cultural soft power, we must adhere to the socialist advanced culture, adhere to the path of development of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the people-centered task-oriented, and further deepen cultural restructuring. To improve the cultural management system, establish and improve the modern cultural market system, building a modern public cultural service system, improve the cultural level of openness.

Plenary session, to achieve a more equitable development outcomes more benefit all the people, we must accelerate the reform of social undertakings, to solve the people most concerned about the most direct and practical interests, and better meet the needs of the people. To deepen the comprehensive reform of the field of education, improve the institutional mechanisms to promote employment and entrepreneurship, form a reasonable and orderly pattern of income distribution, the establishment of a more equitable and sustainable social security system, deepen the medical and health system.

Plenary Session, innovation and social governance, we must focus on maintaining the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, the maximum increase harmonious factors and enhance social development vitality, enhance the level of social governance, protection of national security, to ensure that people live and work, social stability and order. To improve social governance, stimulate the vitality of social organizations, innovative and effective system to prevent and resolve social conflicts, improve the public security system. The establishment of the National Security Council, and improve national security system and national security strategy to ensure national security.

Plenary session, the construction of ecological civilization, we must establish a complete system of ecological civilization institutional system, using the system to protect the ecological environment. To improve natural resource assets property rights system and use control system, the red line delineated ecological protection, the implementation system of paid use of resources and ecological compensation system reform ecological and environmental protection management system.

Plenary session revolved around a command of the Party, to win the war, a fine style of the people's army under the new situation of the party's strong military targets, efforts to address the constraints of national defense and army building, development of the outstanding contradictions and problems, innovation and development military doctrine and strengthening military strategic guidance, improve military strategic guidelines to build modern military system with Chinese characteristics. To deepen the structural and organizational reform the army, the military policies and systems to promote the adjustment and reform, and promote civil-military integration depth.

Plenum stressed that the comprehensive deepening of reform must strengthen and improve the Party's leadership, give full play to the party overall situation and coordinating all of the core leadership role in improving the party's leadership and governance capacity to ensure the success of the reform. Central founded comprehensively deepen reforms leading group responsible for the overall design of reform, co-ordination, overall progress, and supervise the implementation. Party committees at all levels should earnestly carry out the reform of the leadership responsibilities. To deepen the reform of personnel system, the establishment of institutional mechanisms to gather talent, give full play to the people's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, encourage local, grassroots and the masses bold exploration, sum up experience.

Plenary analysis of the current situation and tasks, emphasizing the party comrades bring their ideas and actions into the central major decisions on the overall arrangements to deepen reform, strengthen progressive awareness, opportunity awareness, sense of responsibility, firmly grasp the direction, bold practice and exploration, focusing on co-ordination coordinate, gather consensus for reform, the implementation of the leadership responsibility, and unswervingly implement the central policies and arrangements reform. Accordance with the central decision-making arrangements, insist on maintaining stability, stable and promising, really good job in the work to maintain the momentum of economic and social development, care for the masses, especially poor people live, and promote social harmony and stability, continue to push forward the Party's mass line educational practice, efforts to achieve economic and social development targets.

Plenary called on party members to unite closely with Comrade Xi Jinping, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, forge ahead to tackle tough, and write a new chapter in the history of the great cause of reform and opening up, for building a moderately prosperous society, constantly winning new socialism with Chinese characteristics victory, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to fight the Chinese dream!

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