Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Statement from Maoist Communist Party of France at Hamburg International Conference to Support People's War in India 0n 24th November 2012


Maoist Communist Party of France salutes the International Conference convened today in Hamburg to provide and develop international solidarity to the People's War in India led by the Communist Party of India-Maoist.

In this period of crisis of imperialism, the people’s war in India should be a source of inspiration for all communists, revolutionaries, the working class and the peoples of the world.

The imperialists, old and new, and their watchdogs are willing to put the world to fire and sword in order to quench their thirst for profit, to redistribute wealth among themselves, to expand their spheres of influence and impose their domination against the people. This sharpens the class struggle and increases the importance of finding a revolutionary issue to this crisis.

In this context, people’s revolts against poverty and for freedom and social justice in the Arab countries have shown their limits. If the proletariat and the people’s masses don’t lead the struggle, then the ruling classes supported by imperialism hijack the just people's revolt. And then they impose through an other form the domination of imperialism and the new watchdogs by taking the place of the old ones.

Here in Europe, the specter of fascism which our people have suffered so much reappears in new forms. In the imperialist countries, regardless the color of the bourgeois governments, revolt is brewing because the consequences of the crisis become unbearable for the working class and the large majority of the people. Here and there spontaneous revolts burst of.

There is therefore a more and more pressing necessity to develop the revolutionary movement in every country around a clear line and a well-defined strategy, arming ourselves with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Today, to make people of the world know the reality of people's war in India is putting forward its strategic objective which is part of the struggle for the emancipation of the whole humanity. Doing this, is renewing hope in the future among the working class and the masses of the people who carry on their shoulders the burden of the crisis of imperialism. And this is showing the path to be followed to free ourselves from the capitalist imperialist system of exploitation and oppression.

People's War in India should be a source of inspiration for our people to organize resistance. We must adapt the forms of struggle to the concrete conditions of our respective countries, based on our history, our traditions of resistance and struggle, taking lessons from the victories we won in the past but also from the defeats we suffered.

People's War in India, the ones which continues in Peru and the Philippines, the ones that start again or are under preparation elsewhere in the world are a great encouragement to the people of the world.

Drawing on the example of the People's War in India, we ensure that the working class of our respective countries "lifts its head and takes control over its affairs".

This Conference, bringing together communists, revolutionaries, consistent anti-imperialists from some twenty countries, may be the starting point for a broad anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and people’s revolutionary front in connection with the struggles of our respective countries and can help to regroup communists in each country and at the international level.




Maoist Communist Party of France

November 24th, 2012

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