Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Red Salute from Democracy and Class Struggle to Big Successful Conference in Hamburg in Support of People's War in India

Press release

Internationalist gathers in Hamburg in Support of the People’s War in India

On the 24th of November the International Conference in Support of the People´s War in India took place in the city of Hamburg, Germany. Following the joint Call of the International Committee to Support of the People’s War in India and the Hamburg based League against Imperialist Aggression, internationalists from different parts of the world came together to exchange views on who to develop the international work in support of the struggle of the Indian people against imperialism, semi-feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism.

Delegations, organizations and individuals from Afghanistan, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia Columbia, France, Germany, Holland, Iran, Italy, Kurdistan, Norway, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Galice and Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and many other countries participated in the Conference, Messages from India, Tunisie, Nepal..  Some 300 hundred persons attended the event.

Communist Parties, revolutionary mass-organizations, revolutionary youth organizations and solidarity and anti-imperialist organizations from all corners of the world made statements of support to the Indian comrades. From many countries from where comrades and friends of the Indian Maoists were not able to attend with a delegation sent messages of support. A list of the participating Parties and Organizations and all the speeches and messages will be published in the upcoming days on the website of the Conference: www.indienkonferenz.tk

On the same webpage pictures from the Conference as well as information of the preparatory campaign - including the official video of mobilization, the graffiti paintings, posters and so forth – can be seen.

The Conference also contained a cultural program with music groups preformed Swedish folk music, German Rap and Revolutionary songs in Turkish, all in a profound anti-imperialist spirit.

An important statement was made by a Palestinian comrade, who pointed out who the struggle of the Indian people are linked to the resistance against the murderous Zionist Occupiers and their Yankee-imperialist masters. At the end of the speak slogans in support of the heroic Palestinian people resounded the hall. The organizers of the Conference stated a strong condemnation of the barbaric attacks on the population of Gaza.

Another important feature of the Conference was the great number of youth who participated, not only as participants but also as part of the organizing structures. This aspect, together with the truly internationalist character of the event, gave it a very vivid and dynamic character.

After the official part of the program delegates and participants continued to celebrate and long into the night revolutionary songs in many different languages and anti-imperialist, militant antifascist and communist slogans made the tune of a rejoicing feast of internationalism.

As a result of the Conference concrete steps have been made in the Coordination of the forces who support the People’s War in India. This without a doubt will have very real impact on the international work and lead to a stronger international campaign.

When we wrote the Call to the Conference we stated that we wanted it to be a vivid expression of proletarian internationalism. It was. Form the Hamburg Conference sounds a cry that says:

We stand with our comrades in India!

Victory to the People’s War!

International Committee to Support the People’s War in India

League against Imperialist Aggression (Hamburg, Germany) 

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