Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scotland's Referendum. YES! YES! YES! No Buts. No Ifs. No Buts

Statement from Scottish Republican Socialist Movement

June 7 2012 -- Glasgow, Scotland

Thankfully, the Jubilee hype is over and we just have the Team GB hype to suffer on the run up to the London Olympics. We’ll still be having Onion Jacks for breakfast, dinner and tea. The EBC and other Brit media outlets no doubt will find other ways to be just as irritating.

Wotsisname, Leader of the Royal Labour Team GB says that Engerland and poor old Wales must decide. No way. Jose. This is a matter for the Scottish electorate and you can try and fiddle it all you like. Wisely, the SNP is not allowing Westmonster to dictate the pace, wording, or timing. Keep it simple chaps so that even the “don’t knows” can’t muck up.

The campaign has to make it a broad “rainbow” alliance based on a wide consensus. Even the Rainbow flag Fox, Colin shares a platform. Anyone with a passing acquainting with the SSP knows that they are for and against Independence. The SRSM did not leave them over who was allegedly having it off with whom, but because of the vindictive attitude to Scottish Independence and a self-racist, self-hating, self-deprecating, self-loathing campaign, not only from the Unionist Platforms, but by the ruling Militant led clique, with funny platform names, such as Socialist “unity”. Nothing more divisive than unity, eh, comrades? The fact that they cannot give a straight answer to a simple question and have to “debate it” tells you all you need to know about them. One Federal Unionist platform advocates spoiling the ballot paper and voting No.

You can guess the tortuous convoluted route of the rest of the platforms. “It disnae include; Gay Rights, Abortions, House of Lords, Monarchy”, etc. Then go on about Brian Soutar, as if Labour couldn’t out millionaire the SNP. The SNP took their own line and did not vote as Soapy Soutar wanted, despite the platform‘s repeated lies. This from the people who regularly voted down entrenching their own Clause V, for an Independent Socialist Scotland. By trickery at their own Conferences When it was allowed to the platform it was attacked by all those groups as racist, fascist and Stalinist,” etc. and Republican activists were isolated and vilified by their Brit Nat’s. The SSP National Secretary described their attitude to Independence as “ambivalent”. I created a storm by writing to the Herald and saying, no it w
asn’t. It was duplicitous.

One Brit Nat Party who left during the split, the Socialist Workers Party, now say they are voting Yes. Aboot time.

The Communist Party of Scotland have no doubts and support Independence all the way, unlike their former comrades in the SCP, formerly Great. Britain, who support the Abominable No men. The CPS
is part of the “Scotland Alert” campaign for Independence.

I spoke to the Socialist Party, formerly SPGB, on one of their Argyll Street tables “Against the Cuts” and asked how they would vote in the referendum. Sorry I had to ask and sorry they had to think about it before releasing a torrent about not knowing what the questions will be and who was paying for it.

I tried the next stall, “Fight Racism. Fight Imperialism“, the Revolutionary Communist group, who said

Patrick Harvie MSP also shares the Broad Independence Referendum platform, somewhere over the rainbow. He admitted on TV that not all the Green Party members supported Independence. This was
as revealing as being told that not all Rangers fans vote Green.

Alex Salmond says he has no plans for the Queen in her lifetime. She will be in her 90’s by the time we jump through all the hoops and obstacles set up the Brit Nat’s of all political persuasion In Merrie England there is strong opposition to Prince Cherlie, King in waiting, because he is too auld, etc. Could it be he is too radical, even for Tory Blair’s Cabinet, who were to the right of his many memos to Downing St? Still the SSP want to make an issue of the Monarchy, knowing it will precipitate a sectarian backlash, encouraged also by the Labour Catholic Mafia, who are not averse to doing deals with Orange Order against the SNP? You don’t need a Sash to be a Loyalist. Just look at the millionaire Loyalist Labourites on the Celtic Board. Both prefer an Anglican Queen House of Lords and Anglican Bishops to Socialism, or Independence. Be ready for more silly Brit tricks.

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ajohnstone said...

i'm not sure if it was the SPGB since it certainly doesn't sound like their response, probably Socialist Party of England and Wales, ex Militant.

The SPGB would never campaign on stop the cuts but only one demand , the maximum, abolish capitalism, and their response to the referendum wou;d be who cares, socialism wouldn't be any step closer