Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Remembering the Miners of the Asturias and the Revolution of 1934 - Support the Struggle of the Miners of the Asturias in 2012

Asturias, 4 October 1934

 'In the mountain passes catapults were used to hurl the dynamite at the enemy. In the cities, the dynamiters crept forward smoking cigars with which they lit the sticks grasped in their hands' 

 On 4 October 1934, the coal miners of Asturias in northern Spain rose in armed insurrection. Although poorly equipped and heavily outnumbered, they held off the Spanish army for nearly two weeks

Democracy and Class Struggle says the miners of Asturias began the struggle against Franco. Now they are leading a militant protest against Spanish austerity- Long Live the Struggle of the Miners of the Asturias - Solidarity from Wales.
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