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Democracy of the Mountains speech on the Mynydd y Gwair on 10th June 2012. Support the call for a new Welsh Land Act by Nickglais spokesperson of the Great Unrest Group 2012

The Four Lions rampant flag in this picture is the last flag of an Independent Wales. Reject the Red Dragon flag of the Tudors for the true flag of Wales is the four Lions rampant of Owain Glyndwr.Owain Glyndwr was the leader of the last Welsh War of Independence.

The following is a speech delivered by Nickglais of the Great Unrest Group 2012 in support of a new Welsh Land Act on 10th June 2012 on Mynydd Gwair. 

This speech was part of a weekend of action on 9th/10th on Mynydd Betws and Mynydd Gwair against Land Grabbing and Industrial scale Windmilling of Wales.

Gethin ap Gruffydd of Cymrwch y Tir yn Ol and Adam Phillips of Balchder Cymru and Pol Wong of Deffro'r Ddraig  on the 9th June also made speeches against Corporate Land Grabbing in Wales for Industrial Windmilling.

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Here is the text of Nickglais's speech on 10th June 2012

It is unacceptable that in 2012 that Land in Wales is owned by the English Crown and Aristocrats.

These Lands were stolen from the Welsh People and never were or never can belong to the Aristocracy or Monarchy of another country because of historic conquest.

Welsh People are being denied a say or even access to their own land because of the ownership of Welsh Land by the English Crown and Aristocrats.

Today we have the Duke of Beaufort trying to impose a wind farm on the Mynydd y Gwair in Carmarthenshire against the wishes of the local Welsh People because of his historic title to the land based on robbery and conquest.

Mynydd y Bettws is a 100% protected and very large habitat area of supreme beauty has had a Wind Farm was imposed on this community by using the Enclosure Act of 1845 by Carmarthen County Council in violation of EEC rules for the benefit of an overseas company.

All Crown and Aristocratic Land in Wales should to be returned to the people of Wales for Welsh People to decide the use of their own Land.

We at the Great Unrest Group 2012 support the call for a new Welsh Land Act to achieve that aim.

A Welsh Land Act electronic petition to remove the Duke of Beaufort's lands and Crown Lands by compulsory purchase is now being organized throughout Wales.

Sign Here :

Apart from the petition we at the Great Unrest Group 2012 support the call for Peoples Allotments on Aristocratic Estates and Crown Estates throughout Wales.

Wales has a history of democratic meetings on mountains that goes back several hundreds of years.Welsh people historically were driven into the mountains by the English Conquest of Wales - the mountains were our last defence for a Welsh fightback that has never ended.

The working class movement in Wales was born in secret meetings on Gwent Mountains these meetings gave birth to the Scotch Cattle Movement of the early 19th century - a movement that demanded social justice in early industrial Wales.

It was a movement of direct democracy of the mountains in line with Welsh tradition.

Today we see the democracy of the squares in urban areas in London, New York, Athens Cairo and the rejection of representative democracy for real democracy - direct democracy.

Today in 2012 we remember the Great Unrest in Wales in 1910-1912 when the authors of the Miners Next Step rejected elite representative democracy for the democracy of the workplace, industrial democracy.

Elite capitalist representative democracy will give way in the 21st century to the mass democracy of the working people.

The rural direct democracy of the mountains will join with the urban direct democracy of the squares.

Therefore we at The Great Unrest Group call on the Occupy movement in Wales to look beyond your urban horizons and join us in taking back the land from the Crown and Aristocratic Estates in Wales - sign the petition for a new Welsh Land Act - support the People's allotments campaign - Occupy the Land !

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