Sunday, June 10, 2012

Protest at historic Stryveland against Land Grabbing for Windmill Plantation at Mynydd y Betws - Wales

The Four Lions rampant flag in this picture is the last flag of an Independent Wales. Reject the Red Dragon flag of the Tudors for the true flag of Wales is the four Lions rampant of Owain Glyndwr.Owain Glyndwr was the leader of the last Welsh War of Independence. Sign the petition for a New Welsh Land Act so that the people of Wales can decide the use of their own Land - reclaim the land from the Royal Crown Estates and English Aristocrats.No to Eco colonialism in Wales sign for the new Welsh Land Act here :

Video footage by Edwyn of Two speeches by Adam Phillips of Balchder Cymru and Pol Wong of Deffro'r Ddraig , plus the start of the Peoples Allotment of Wales .

Coming soon speech from Great Unrest Group 2012 for a Welsh Socialist Republican Party in support of the new Wales Land Act delivered on the Mynydd y Gwair mountain on the 10th June 2012.

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