Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement Press Release on the Scottish Independence Question

May 9 2012 -- Glasgow, Scotland

Labour has no shame or embarrassment. From the party of the rigged Devolution referendum of 1979 and even Dewar’s Referendum, which demanded a second “are you sure?” type question they have the cheek to say that the Scottish Government Referendum would be biased and that only a London based referendum would be clean, decent, honest and truthful.

We remember Kneel Kinnockio and Junior Alexander’s privatised ballot box failure during the Holyrood, but one, election. We also remember the phantom postal votes and how they lost electoral register during the Glenrothes by election, or how the Glasgow North by election was also won by mysterious postal votes.

Everyone knows that Labour controlled Cooncils run and staff the polling stations and the count afterwards.

Everyone knows how they use Cooncil properties and resources to run their campaigns. Even producing Cooncil newspapers,

Such as “Glasgow North Regen”, etc, which are nothing short of Labour lies and propaganda. Selected pictures of the odd Cooncil hoose and photies of Labour MPs, MSPs, MEPs, Cooncillors and quangoists are stuffed in all the pages.

Nae photies o’ the Cooncil slums and depravation in these very areas. Springburn Parish Hall lies in a neglected mess since the last 40 years: since Lord Martin of Springburn and Port Dundas left his Tame Union joab for a London Jobby.

Ermine in Vermin comes to mind. Lovely photies, as the photies of his son, Paul Martin MP in the “free” papers handed out in supermercats, shopping centres. Etc. Iain Davison, London MP and Pollok member, demands that Westminster show their famous sense of fair play by taking it out of the hands of theses nasty “Separatists” who demand Independence from his beloved Brutish State.

Does he know that “Dependence is the opposite of” Independence” and that is the sate he wishes to keep us in. The Brit left groups are still debating the referendum and how to vote. We at the SRSM are well past the debating stage and call for a simple YES to Independence vote.

No ifs, but, and Irrelevances. The Brit left are not only confusing the debate will sorts of extraneous matters, they are still debating a NO vote and spoiling the ballot papers.

Nor will we forget the very British left still use the same language, economic, racist and cultural anti Scottish arguments as their fellow Unionists on the Great British right.

We can argue about what kind of Independence after that hurdle has been cleared. And the Brit left will be left behind again.

We back the SNP for the timing and wording of the referendum: not Westminster and the Brit Nats of all persuasions. Oddly, the SNP appears to want a Devo Max Question and the Brit Nats don’t ?

Cameron has promised more Devolution if we vote Naw, but won’t say how much?
Remember Sir Alex Douglas Hume? He promised us better Devolution in 1979 if we voted Naw, then dropped it after the election.

HM Labour has promised us Devo plus and are as vague as the MacCalmans on a seasick trip to Stornoway.


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