Saturday, May 12, 2012

It seems that, again, you have not heard what the Greek People said ! Press Statement of KOE

The bargaining discussions among the pro-troika political parties, aiming at the formation of an “ecumenical government” with the addition of the “Democratic Left”, constitute an attempt to reconstruct the pro-troika reactionary block and to save the trembling, rotten and guilty political system.

These attempts are a direct violation of the verdict of the Greek People on the national elections of 6 May. At the same time, these attempts constitute a continuation of the subordination of the pro-troika political parties to the provocative and sustained interventions of Merkel, Schäuble, Barroso, Dragi and the like against the will of the Greek People.

The Greek People has sent a categorical and majoritarian message on 6 May against the “agreements” with the IMF-EU-ECB troika. The colonial regime imposed by the “agreements” and by the troika is once and for all condemned by the Greek People. The same goes for its servants, no matter if they wear a blue (right wing), green (PASOK) or pink (“Democratic Left”) costume. The Greek People demands that its vote is respected.

The Greek People demands a way out that excludes this political system, which either tolerated or imposed the colonial regime of the new occupation by the imperialists and the bankers. All these forces, which openly or covertly obey to the troika’s demands, can be sure that any attempt to counterfeit the People’s will, shall only further grow the popular rage, which will sweep away any pro-troika “government”. The forgery of the People’s will shall fail!

Athens, 11 May 2012 Press Office of KOE

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