Monday, May 7, 2012

French Maoists speak ; After the Presidential Election

At the age of imperialism, finance capital dominates the sphere of production owned by the bourgeoisie. Looking for the maximum rate of profit through extortion of surplus value on the backs of the proletariat, international finance capital speculation will continue, relocations, closures.

The imperialist bourgeoisie takes advantage of the crisis of capitalism to restructure its production internationally and increase the exploitation of workers in all countries.

It is within this context of crisis that will continue will continue to exacerbate the contradictions between the old and rising imperialist powers , between monopolies, between the proletariat and bourgeoisie in each country and between imperialist and oppressed peoples and their imperialist "watchdogs" (comprador bourgeoisie / bureaucracy and feudal) in the dominated countries. At the national level, Sarkozy has undertaken reforms to the capitalist dictatorship of the bourgeoisie to maintain and strengthen.

He set in motion a process of slow fascism, which we call the modern fascism. He used some of the theses of the National Front on immigration, security, on the question of national identity. He continued the policy of imperialist intervention in Afghanistan, Libya, Africa.

It is in this context that social democracy succeeds to the right and will face deepening of the crisis and will have to manage the capitalist state apparatus. It can not overcome the capitalist crisis as the only solution is radical and means the expropriation of the means of production of the bourgeoisie, but this, "left" does not want it because it fears its own proletarian revolution.

It will therefore continue the restructuring of the bourgeois state apparatus and the capitalist system and what are the working class and the lower classes who will continue to pay the heaviest price.

Without establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat by breaking the state apparatus of the bourgeoisie, it is not possible to solve unemployment, or eliminate the problems facing the masses. The crisis of capitalism is that capital is dying, which has nothing to lose, and that is why capitalism has increasingly needs fascism to ensure its domination.

The situation is different in the 1930s, fascism takes different forms but the substance remains the same: to ensure the dictatorship of finance capital. It is within this context that the FN has progressed and it will progress, and may be the last resort of the bourgeoisie. In all European countries, rising fascism and racism develops. In Greece, neo-Nazis are entering parliament. This recalls the time when Fascism and Nazism were developing on a background of crisis and eventually gain power and together constituted an open terrorist dictatorship.

Social Democracy who trembled before the proletarian revolution had then dug the bed of fascism. Therefore, as we said in our statement at the first turn,

"Whatever the election results, prepare the revolution! '

Because no bourgeois government will solve the crisis of capitalism!

As the international banner of May 1, states: "The proletarian revolution is the only solution to the crisis of capitalism! ".

That is why we need a new type of Communist Party who's goal is the destruction of the capitalist state by the proletarian revolution and the establishment of a power of the proletariat at the head of the masses to build the socialism, and around the world.

That is why in every business, in every factory, we must unite between unionized and non-union committees in the fight; in neighborhoods, in universities, we must organize committees popular struggle, etc.. This is why we must form a true Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Front / Anti-Fascist People's, which will join the fighting force capable of opposing the rising dangers and pass from the defensive to the balance of power and the offensive by a prolonged popular struggle, to end this system.

Whatever the election results, prepare the revolution!

PC Maoist France May 7, 2012

This translation is by Democracy and Class Struggle any mistakes are ours not the PCMF

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