Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Welcome to OCCUPY TOGETHER, an unofficial hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. As we have followed the news on facebook, twitter, and the various live feeds across the internet, we felt compelled to build a site that would help spread the word as more protests organize across the country. We hope to provide people with information about events that are organizing, ongoing, and building across the U.S. as we, the 99%, take action against the greed and corruption of the 1%.
We will try our best to provide you with the most accurate information possible. However, we are just a few volunteers and errors are bound to occur. Please be patient as we get this site off the ground and populated and please contact us if you have any info on new events, corrections, or suggestions for this site. You can contact us atinfo[at]occupytogether[dot]org.
We will only grow stronger in our solidarity and we will be heard, not just in New York, but in echoes across this nation.
For more information about us, the movement, and answers to questions, please check out our FAQ.
Important note: Occupy Together will never ask for any monetary donations. We suggest that, if you want to donate monetarily, that you visit this site to help those who currentlyOccupy Wall St.


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peterxdunn said...


Please read this:

Shadow War

There is only one war.

There has only ever been one war.

This is the war between the rich and the poor.

The poor do not, however, realize that they are at war with the rich because rich people never step out onto the field of battle to face them.

The rich have, instead, devised a stratagem that enables them to fight their war by proxy: a stratagem that employs politics, economics, race and religion to convince the poor that they have other enemies.

This stratagem is also used to impose a regimented, social and economic order upon the poor that designates some of them to be workers and some soldiers.

The poor workers both produce - and pay for the production of - weapons with terrible destructive power.

These weapons - once produced - are then handed over to the poor soldiers who dutifully march out and use them to destroy one another.

This is the very essence of the process by which the rich consolidate their age old rule and fabulous wealth.

What we must bear in mind here is that the rich do not distinguish between poor workers and poor soldiers - we are all expendable - we are all just grist for the mill: oil for the machinery of war.

So the poor tear each other to pieces fighting a war that they can never win.

They will always lose because they never get to face their true enemy: the rich, face to face upon the field of battle.

This is the shadow war.

This is the war between the rich and the poor.

This is the war that ultimately defines all of human history.

If you agree with the sentiments expressed here then you might also agree with this:

My very best regards and good luck with all your endeavors.

Peace and Love to you all.

Peter Dunn (aka: peterxdunn)

Power to the People