Thursday, October 20, 2011

International Meeting in Paris "From the Arab Uprising to the New Democratic Revolution, marching towards Socialism and Communism"

The internationalist meeting "From the Arab uprising to the new democratic revolution, marching towards socialism and communism", convened by the maoist Communist Party – Italy and the maoist Communist Party of France, was held with a good success, with participation and intervention of parties, organizations and comrades from Italy, France (PCm-F, Coup sur Coup, Voie Proletarienne, Anti-Imperialist Committee, Committee George Ibrahim Abdallha), Morocco, Tunisia, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Canada, England, Holland, with messages from Nepal , Galicia-Spanish State, Palestine, Austria, and with the support of Peru and Turkey.

The meeting has been opened by a speech that explained the nature of working and militant discussion, internationalist unity, of the meeting itself. Followed the reading document sent to the meeting by two Tunisian Maoist organizations, and a wide intervention of the comrade of Morocco. Then followed the speeches of the maoist Communist Party of France and the maoist Communist Party- Italy.

After these speeches, the debate has been open, with the intervention of the comrades of 'Coup sur coup' from Toulouse, the Anti-Imperialist Committee of France, the comrade of Morocco on the particular situation of the Maoist political prisoners in Morocco, and a text of George Ibrahim Abdallha has been read.

Then followed the intervention of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Then followed another phase of the debate, in which participated comrades from Indonesia, France, and comrades supporting the “New Synthesis” of Bob Avakian on the influence of Islam among masses and how to treat this contradiction from the point of view of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, in the Arab world and other countries in the world, and how to address the question of the Islamic fundamentalist forces.

All the comrades intervened argued that we have respect the religious feelings of the masses, we need to build communist parties on a solid materialist dialectic base and to fight Islamic fundamentalist forces as reactionary forces which are against liberation of peoples.

After this interesting debate, on behalf of the organizers, the PCm Italy explained the resolutions, initiatives, and proposals that the meeting launches.

First of all, it has been announced that all the speeches, documents and messages will be published, in French and so many languages as possible, by this year, in a special issue of 'Maoist Road' to allow all the comrades attending and all the communist movement to read analysis, discussion, positions and treatment of problems, and to continue in all forms this militant debate, in the spirit of proletarian internationalism and with the method of unity-struggle-unity.

Then were announced three major initiatives:

First. An international day of solidarity with Maoist political prisoners in Morocco, to be held in so many countries in the world and in all forms as possible.

Second. A Maoist call for a meeting in Tunisia in the spring of 2012 at which delegates from different countries can participate.

Third. A statement, to be spread among the working class and proletarian masses in the imperialist countries everywhere is possible, to support the workers' struggles in Egypt and independent trade unions that organize and lead them against the new military-Muslim regime that tries to stifle and deny the right to strike.

Proposals were accepted by the meeting, which ended with the singing of the International and the slogan:

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long Live the proletarian internationalism

Long Live the uprisings of the Arab masses for the New Democratic Revolution, socialism and communism

PCm-Italy, PCm of France

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