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The Lost Vision : NABPP- PC and the People's Struggle Towards Revolutionary Intercommunalism by Jason Walker

Understanding revolutionary intercommunalism in the New Afrikan Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter is not only a necessity, but its practical application is a requirement.  As comrade Huey P. Newton once said “If we do nothing we are accepting the situation and allowing ourselves to die.”  Well our party refuses to let the people or ourselves die off so revolutionary intercommunalism has to be effectively applied in order to even look towards a communist world.

This isn’t something that Huey just came up with.  It actually took doing away with several different theories before he came to the conclusion of intercommunalism.

After trying to be a Black Nationalist party thinking nationhood was the answer, he switched to revolutionary nationalism.  (Which is nationalism plus socialism) After seeing the contradictions and it being impractical, he realized that in order for his vision to work they had to get rid of the ruling class and unite with people all over the world, so they came to call themselves internationalists.

The only problem with this was due to the United States being an imperial empire and the ruling class having an economic effect on other countries pretty much contradicted his “internationalism,” since the U.S. was not a nation and no nation existed.

After further analysis of the constant state of transformations, it was realized that these nations had actually changed to communities.  The difference between the two (as Huey notes) is how a community is a small unit with a comprehensive collection of institutions that serve the people who live there.  As opposed to a nation which is a country that has one race or culture with sole possession of their wealth and territory while acting under one government.

Due to the imperial U.S. swindling and controlling the wealth of other countries, a nation is unable to exist.  This brought Huey to the conclusion to call this theory intercommunalism which didn’t sit right with orthodox Marxist-Leninists who looked at him as trying to fix something that wasn’t broke.

Revolutionary nationalists didn’t like this as well since this theory required understanding things on a global scale while taking the party away from its nationalist roots
Nevertheless after decades of this theory being ignored, the New Afrikan Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter recognizes its accuracy and relevance in today’s struggle and takes on the challenge of continuing the old party’s legacy and Huey’s vision of intercommunalism.
In order to understand revolutionary intercommunalsim you have to understand its contradiction “reactionary intercommunalism,” which is the product of the imperialist tendencies of the ruling reactionary class who took hold of and controlled all the communities of the world dominating the institutions to such an extent that the people were not served by the institutions in their own land.
This transformation took place when it was expected to by Marx and Lenin that the opposite would occur whenever the non-state became a reality.  Due to all the communities in the world having little difference in function, this transition away from a non-state actually brought us to a non-state, but its of the reactionary type which makes revolutionary intercommunalism through the negation of the negation inevitable.

Just because inevitable means impossible to avoid or guaranteed doesn’t mean we can sit back and wait for it.  Our efforts is what makes this possible.  Through our concrete analysis of Dialectical Materialism (which analyzes the conditions and constant state of changes in motion) explains this, we just have to apply the practice.

All in all, intercommunalism is basically the application to bring all the communities in the world together in an effort to seize power from the ruling class who only do so because they control wealth, technology, mass media and power.

Intercommunalism counters this and requires the people to unite in determining their own destiny to have the power in their hands so everything is shared and distributed properly.  Since the ruling circle thrives off control through the means of technology, we are pretty much being aligned to have revolutionary intercommunalism.

I say this because the more the ruling class exploits and advances technology, the more the people will become unemployed and decline into the ranks of the lumpen proletariat since advanced technology will do the work they once did.  As this decline continues the ruling class will get smaller and smaller, and the reason for this is because of the qualifications required to fill these positions.

Since very little people will have the experience it takes, a great deal of people all over will be unemployed creating the manpower base for revolutionary intercommunalism.

We understand this, so it is our duty to inform, educate and prepare the people.  It is only they that can successfully get us to the promised land, so we must anchor and steer them in the right direction while teaching them to do this on their own.

At this point and time the imperialists have already created the platform and have developed reactionary intercommunalism tendencies.  We can see this by how technology has brought together the world as one big community.  Through the domination of the U.S. empire, people all over the world are affected by this same power, it just varies in degree depending on the country.
The only way to change this is through revolutionary intercommunalism where we the people share all the wealth we generate and live as one.  This path is ready and waiting since the technological and control bases are present.

This task won’t be easy.  Once we have made that transition, the lingering traits of racism, sexism and counter-productivity will still be around.  Since we will have control of our own societies, we can make the correct adjustments.

Making this transition is not the final task but the road to Communism.  With this stage being a filter to weed out everything that’s counter to producing, surviving, and controlling wealth through the means of the people.

Not only will this leap change the way we live and think, but the way we live and think will change the way we live today.

We the people of the world already share a common interest of being oppressed, so now it’s time for the people of the world to share a common interest of struggling for a change through revolutionary intercommunalism.  The only thing we have to lose is our chains.

Dare to Struggle!  Dare to Win—All Power to the People!
by Jason Renard Walker
Clements Unit
9601 Spur 591
TX 79107SEE


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