Saturday, March 21, 2015

India: The CPI (Maoist) sees new opportunities to advance Protracted People’s War with the Central Government pursuing pro-imperialist and ‘country-selling’ policies at a faster pace and also advancing a Hindu-fascist agenda in various forms.

CPI (Maoist) general secretary Ganapathy, in an interview to Maoist Information Bulletin (MIB), a copy of which is with Express, spoke of the challenges his party has to overcome and on a host of other issues.
“After coming to power, the BJP is implementing pro-imperialist, country-selling policies at a break-neck pace catering to the needs of foreign and Indian big capitalists and big landlords while, at the same time, advancing the Hindu-fascist agenda in various forms.

Thus, there is need for uniting all democratic, progressive, secular and patriotic forces. Newer and more numerous classes, social sections, forces of society will be brought into the arena of struggle, and new opportunities for advancing the PPW will open up.“The situation around the world is becoming increasingly favourable for a revolution. “The imperialist world economy is still reeling under a serious crisis and all  fundamental contradictions in the world are sharpening.

Consequently, the revolutionary, democratic and national liberation forces all over the world are gaining strength against imperialism and its domestic props. Maoist forces too are consolidating.”

On the party’s plan to accelerate development of PLGA and intensification of guerilla warfare, Ganapathy said, “As the enemy employs some counter-tactics, a new situation arises. So, we will have to adopt tactics that will give us the advantage, to counter the superior forces of the enemy with guerilla warfare and by mobilising people. A crucial factor in building up and developing the guerilla war will be the deepening of our mass base.”
On the need for Bolshevisation Campaign, the Maoist top leader said his party had issued a call in 2013 to Bolshevise the party and it was being carried out in the party, PLGA and mass organisations now. “It would take some more time to complete it and only then can we assess the success of re-moulding our party into a Bolshevised party.”

It was CPSU(B), popularly known as the Russian Bolshevik Party, that overthrew the bourgeois class and established proletarian dictatorship for the first time. When no Communist party was in power in the world, this was the party that brought the working class and the toiling masses to power.

 t was the Bolshevik party that ushered in Socialism for the first time in the history of humanity. So we are taking this party as our model, and striving to turn our party into such a proletarian party by learning lessons from it and imbibing the qualities that made all this possible,” Ganapathy said, adding that was why it was named as Bolshevisation Campaign.

“On the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party model is also very important to Maoists because China and India have several similarities. It is necessary to know and imbibe the qualities of CPC that helped it make a successful revolution and build socialism in a semi-colonial, semi-feudal backward country where peasantry is the majority by developing the PPW line and building a people’s army, a successful united front and establishing liberated areas. CPC, since its formation, put continuous efforts to strengthen itself by taking CPSU(B) as a model.

“We decided to carry on this campaign, keeping in view the experiences of this party, particularly from the Great Debate and in the light of the lessons imparted by the GPCR. We would keep these two parties as the models in Bolshevising the party in the light of the experiences gained in the long revolutionary history of our party,” Ganapathy said.


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